New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Conference in Saudi Arabia”


The two-day meeting about Afghanistan in Jeddah and Mecca cities of Saudi Arabia ended today.
Although none of the well-known and recognized scholars form Afghanistan, region or even from the Muslim word participated in this meeting and most of the participants were government officials therefore no one could dare to mention American invasion of Afghanistan, presences of foreigners, bombardment of innocent Afghans and such other matters just for even for the sake of changing this situation.
Every minor and elder of Islamic Ummah know that Afghanistan is under American invasion for the last seventeen years, the country has been invaded, the sovereignty has been snatched, some unknown and criminal individuals have been imposed upon this nation by force of airplanes and killings.
Islamic Conference, scholars and the host country should have demanded American invaders, NATO and their playmates to stop bombardment of innocent and oppressed Afghan nation anymore and abstain violating its sovereignty.
Instead, the effort was made to make second Palestine from Afghanistan, tie up hands of defenders and neglect the oppressions and crimes of invaders.
By doing so the ongoing Jihad under the authority and help of Allah almighty and verdict of noble and monumental scholars which has tackled the world’s recognized force with defeat and embarrassment will not be affected, but will harm those individuals who left their responsibility for financial interests and money, instead of wakening Ummah they tried to hoodwinked the Ummah and chosen American beneficent position.
Afghans knew that such meetings are plan and ideas of American officials because idea of religious pressure was already given by American commander Nicholson and yesterday the US defense secretory Jimmy Mattis thanked the arrangers, but the role played by some faces under the name of Muslim and scholar figures a very depraved and heartrending condition of Muslim Ummah.
The defenders of righteous path will complain against these elements in the court of Allah almighty on the Day of Judgment, Inshallah, and will pray for punishment of this great injustice to Ummah, Islam and Jihad.
We hope the government of Saudi Arabia to help us in ending the invasion of Afghanistan and play a positive role in this regard, giving opportunity for such meetings will bruise its status.
Our jihad was started and is ongoing under the guidance and leadership of practical religious scholars, and most of our jihadi personnel are having good religious knowledge, so we are confident that such American ordered viewpoints will neither negatively affect our struggle nor will prevent the ultimate and nearest defeat of Americans, Inshallah. And this is an easy task for Allah, the almighty.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
27/10/1439 Hijri Lunar
20/04/1397 Hijri Solar 11/07/2018 Gregorian


Source: Telegram