Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: February 13

On 10 February, three Libyan National Army officers belonging to the 165th Brigade were injured in a VBIED attack on their position at the 90km checkpoint, 60 km east of Sidra at 9:25am local time. The driver of the vehicle is suspected of being an IS fighter. Two military vehicles were also destroyed in the attack.

Other Jihadi Actors

On 9 February, a double bombing occurred at Saad Ibn Ibada mosque in the Majouri district of Benghazi during Friday prayers. The attack killed 2 people and wounded at least 75 people. According to reports, the explosive devices had been placed in bags at the mosque doors and appear to have been activated remotely using a mobile phone. This attack follows a bombing at a mosque in the city in late January, which killed 35 people.

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