Check out a new Washington Institute for Near East Policy ‘Bipartisan Study Group’ transition paper: “Defeating Ideologically Inspired Violent Extremism: A Strategy to Build Strong Communities and Protect the U.S. Homeland”

The United States should adopt a strategy to prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE) within the United States that empowers communities on the frontlines of defense against homegrown violent extremism and builds trusting partnerships with and within local communities to reduce terrorist recruitment. In this transition paper for the new administration, a bipartisan Washington Institute study group details a P/CVE policy centered on countering the full range of Islamist and other extremist ideologies that pose security threats to the homeland.

Preventing and countering violent extremism is not a soft alternative to counterterrorism, but an essential toolkit to complement law enforcement’s ongoing efforts to prevent violence. Communities are our first line of defense against violent extremism, so empowering and incentivizing them to become more active in the P/CVE space is in the local and national interest. This bipartisan study group report offers a set of guiding principles for the Donald J. Trump administration to achieve these goals.

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