New release from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s Umm al-Khurāsānī: “A Letter Written By a Sister From Khurāsān to Syrian Sisters in Aleppo”


Asalam o Alaiykumwarahmatullahiwabarakatahu

I pray to Mighty, Gracious Lord to bestow His Mercy upon my sisters in Syria and upon all Syrian muslims in this testing time. I am confused now what more to write, what more to say to you so that your spilling blood can be stopped, your lost honour can be returned back, your torn up body parts can be gathered, your tears can stop flowing and your sorrow can turn into happiness. My words are not as effective as your words are, my prayers are not that quickly accepted as your prayers are, my cry does not have that much pain as your cry has. Because I have not crossed river of fire and blood as you have. I have not spent long, torturous days and nights under the siege of cruel, heartless Rafidis and Russians, I have not seen my children dying slowly due to starvation and crying with wounds.

At dawn I saw this photo.

O’ Allah! While I was sleeping quietly in my bed what a catastrophe occurred in my beloved Syria. A Syrian sister sadly said,’’ O my Muslims you wait for the day of judgement, my day of judgement has already occurred in Halab.’’ O’ my beloved sisters in Syria! I am far away from you in Khurasan but I am not unaware of your grief and pain. Prophet of Mercy Hazrat Muhammad saw stated that we Muslims are like one body. If one part is in pain then whole the body feels it. By Allah, although you were bombed but we felt the heat, by Allah, you were surrounded by smoke but we also could not breathe here, your blood was spilled, your honours were dishonoured but our grief stricken heart was torn as well. We are living but under huge weight. Here in Khurasan your sisters sheded tears of blood with you. Your Taliban brothers are also restless.

O my respected Syrian sisters! You called brothers for help. Please be patient and do not be hopeless. Now no Rafidi, no Russian, no American can stop them. Your brothers can not be stopped by the heights of mountains, by the vastness of valleys and by the depth of oceans. They will cross it all bare footed just to reach you..

O my beloved respected Syrian sisters! You are pure, you are great and your honour is so pure that no Rafidi, no Russian can take it away from you. You are daughters of Tahira (pure) Khadija r.a, you are daughters of Maryam a.s and you are the ones who follow the footsteps of Khaular.a. May Allah bestow His Mercy upon you because you have written with your pure blood such a history of sacrifice and bravery that the entire world is shocked. Long time ago my respected Afghan sisters gave a tremendous sacrifice that is still remembered by the history. When Russians came after the honours of my Afghan sisters they did not surrender but they ran to the peaks of mountains and jumped bravely into the flowing river Kabul and hence did not let Russians win over them.

Today you have revised the same sacrifice. I try to imagine what you went through, when you would have heard the filthy voices of Rafidis and Russian soldiers near your house, the sounds of their footsteps would have crushed your spirit. Your husband would have been a martyr a long time ago, your brother might have been captured by these enemies of Allah, your father’s feeble figure was for sure unable to keep them away from dishonouring you. Then you thought and made a decision and got hold of that pistol which you kept to fight enemies of Allah. You knew you would not be able to fight back those dogs. I could feel your tears, your sobbing, I could hear your cry YaMutasim! YaMutasim! But no one came to rescue you. Reality struck you that today Islam is under the siege of Rafidis, Russians and Americans. Today Islam is all alone. Today you are left all by yourself facing flocks of kuffar. I am sure cursed Iblees would not have left you. This thought of surrendering to kuffar and begging them for mercy might have crossed your mind. But then soon ‘religious honour ‘took over you and you ignored all these lowly thoughts. Your tauheed, your aqeeda, your emaan and your righteous actions helped you. You realised that you did hijra for sake of Allah, you fought for sake of Allah and your death will be only for Allah.

. O my respected Syrianmartyred sister! This is not suicide because suicide is cowardly act, suicide is to lose hope on Allah while what you did was very courageous and you were hopeful of Allah’s Mercy and you were keen to meet your Lord. You are honour and pride of this ummah my respected sister. I pray to Allah Almighty to bring you together with prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, the piously. Amen.

Wa salaam,

Your sister

Umm eKhurasani.

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan