New release from Fursān al-Shām Media: “Yearning The Call To Jihād: ‘From Xinjiang To al-Shām'”


{The ones who have believed, emigrated and striven in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives are greater in rank in the sight of Allah . And it is those who are the attainers [of success].}

[Al-Bar’a; 9:20]

Brother Malik left his native land for Hijrah along with other brothers, who wanted to travel to Syria for Jihad in the cause of Allah, and to help support their vulnerable brothers and sisters in Syria despite themselves facing oppression under the Chinese government. They had to leave in secret, hiding from a government that would torture, kill and imprison, for years, those who had even thoughts of Jihad.

The first stages of the journey was to go from the Chinese occupied Autonomous Uyghur region into the Chinese heartland. The process involved three days of travel where they would have to overcome ambushes, checkpoints, and government inspections — by the Grace of Allah the kuffār were blinded and the brothers managed to surmount these obstacles.

Once they had managed to penetrate into the heartland they stayed in the home of one of the brothers. The situation there was dire and the authorities constantly raided the homes searching the premises and the surrounding area. In order to evade detection Malik began going out into the parks and for five months he hid and slept in the parks, in order to avoid detection and capture, all the while trying to find a way to get out of China to continue his journey.

At the end of the five months he managed to find a way out from China, and was able to go to Burma on the way to the Republic of Laos. The road through Laos was arduous and he and the others had to ride in a small car for ten hours before having to trek through a smugglers’ pass in the mountains for eleven more hours throughout the long night. After this exhausting leg of the journey the group paid a local man to let them stay in his home for a few days, so they could rest before preceding onward.

During the stay in that house they awoke from their long needed rest to the dubious claims of their ‘host’ that he had been robbed. He claimed that $2,000 had been stolen from him, the brothers discovered that they too had had their money stolen. It became clear to them that the man had robbed them as they slept but as they were in the country illegally and in need of shelter they could neither accuse him or go to the authorities.

The next stage of their the trip entailed crossing a river into Thailand. This river was fraught with many dangers, in addition to the swift current of the river itself, it was rife with gangs of bandits and pirates. While crossing the river their boat was stopped and all of their remaining wealth was stolen from them at gunpoint. After the many hardships and months away from their homes the loss of what remained of their meagre provisons seemed to be the end for many of the brothers who opted to return home. Yet by the Tawfiq of Allah Malik and some other brothers remained steadfast and completed their journey across the river into Thailand undaunted by their losses and trials.

After three days waiting in Thailand the remaining group of brothers moved on to the capitol Bangkok where they stayed for two months while they tried to find a way to get into Malaysia. By the favour of Allah they were finally able to pass into Malaysia but they faced new hurdles in their journey as they had counterfeit passports that would not hold up under the scrutiny needed in order for them to continue onward from Malaysia.

After a year and half of waiting and making their preparations they decided to attempt to fly out of Malaysia to Turkey. They entered the airport and when they reached customs the authorities discovered their fake passports and the brothers were detained and then charged with entering the country illegally and for having forged documents.

For four long months they languished in prison until money could be raised to secure their release, fees of $2,000 for each brother. After their release they were expelled from Malaysia, Alhamdulilah they were not repatriated to China but were instead allowed to continue on their way to Turkey. The flight from Malaysia to Turkey lasted eleven hours and cost each brother $500, Allah made their entrance into Turkey easy and from there they were able to enter into Syria.

After more than two years since first setting out from their homes, after enduring fear and duress losing their wealth, being tested with prison and facing trials and hardships, that saw even their stalwart brothers turn back, they endured and were patient with the order of Allah, all the while exerting themselves to their fullest in obedience to the command of their Lord who said to them:

{March forth, whether you are light or heavy, and strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah.}
[Al-Bar’a; 9:43]

So my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam this is but one story of many who have risked their freedom, their wealth and their lives in the service of our Lord, The One who created us and sustains us and The One to Who we belong and will return. How can we deny our Lord His right over us or be stingy with our wealth and lives when they belong to The One who created and gifted them. May Allah reward those brothers like Malik and increase them in goodness and preserve them and may He also grant us all the knowledge and ability to serve Him and obey Him, Ameen.