New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Interference In Internal Affairs Of Others”


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an Islamic and national movement working towards independence and establishment of an Islamic system. It is the representative of the pure lofty aspirations of the nation, has arisen from among the masses and lives amongst them.

In the current circumstances it is struggling to end the occupation of the beloved homeland and for the legitimate Islamic and national goals of the Afghan people.

Its policy towards other nations is based on “لا ضرر ولا ضرار” (Do not harm nor accept harm) which has been repeatedly announced in the statements by the Islamic Emirate as well as in the Eid messages of its leader.

Hence in accordance with the stated policy, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wishes to assure the Central Asian countries and all its neighbors that – contrary to the enemy propaganda – the Islamic Emirate does not seek to interfere in the internal affairs of others nor will it allow anyone to use the land under the control of Islamic Emirate against anyone else rather we seek to live alongside others in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

31/10/1437 Hijri Lunar

28/04/1395 Hijri Solar                    18/07/2016 Gregorian