al-I’tiṣām Media presents a new video message from The Islamic State: "Disperse By [Means Of] Them Those Behind Them"

NOTE: The title of this video is in reference to Qur’anic verse 8:57.



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2 Replies to “al-I’tiṣām Media presents a new video message from The Islamic State: "Disperse By [Means Of] Them Those Behind Them"”

  1. The title reads as “فشرد بهم مَنْ خلفهم” in Arabic and it’s a bit controversial to read for some, and somehow impossible to fathom by most.
    First, there are two ways to read this verse. One, that I’ve already transcribed, and the other “فشرد بهم مِنْ خلفهم”. A message is being conveyed here for Prophet Mohammed by God, saying that “Only upon you not being able to find them (the kuffar), in the midst of battle…,” which means that this is conditional for not being able to go at war with them… You (Mohammed) must use those captured… (They were from a Jewish tribe called Banou Qouraidah, having revoked a treaty of peace that both; the Muslims and the Jews have reached together, over and over again), and punish them (sharrid; in Qourraish, Mecca’s colloquialism means ‘make announced; let it be known’), so that those who are still not fleeing behind them (being in their homes, waiting for the result of the war), would flee without any war.
    It’s by using this technique, God orders His Prophet to make sure that when there is no chance at going to war with the enemy, it’s important to not go to war and instead, one must kill some of the captured so that those who are thinking of still going to war would stop and think “لعلهم يذَكرون” (Arabic transcription), and take their selves and flee without a fight after hearing the news of how the captured ones were killed in a very bad way, to give them a lesson not to revoke the treaty again, or just get outside of the Arabian Peninsula altogether. IS’ understanding of this message is, of course, next to zero because their radical version of interpreting the Qur’an focuses on extreme use of language that helps them go ahead with their expansionist plans at taking more and more land regardless of anything.

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