New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Rejoinder Regarding the Illusive and Counterfeit Election Process"

Besides the previous hundreds of American conspiracies, the recent forged process of election was also a foreign imposed and deceptive process with the sole objective of providing false legitimacy to the illegal system under the direct American occupation.
Holding election in the presence of tens of thousands of American and other occupying forces while both the land and space of our beloved homeland is under the direct control of foreign invaders; the whole nation is divested of its freedom and sovereignty; our villages and towns are brought under indiscriminate and brutal bombardment and attacks; hundreds of thousands of our countrymen have been compelled to migrate due to their miseries and afflictions; thousands of Afghans are incarcerated by the foreign occupiers and their corrupt stooges; our individual and social values have been violated; our Islamic rules and regulation have been ignored; the masses are being largely invited towards heresy and infidelity; there is no security inside the country; the lives, honors and properties of ordinary people are under aggression and threat; the enslaving agreement of our country to foreign occupiers is forcefully imposed upon the nation; applying external formulas under the disguise of election in this kind of untoward and worst condition from historical point of view and then calling this process a success by the instigation of a few stooge and puppets is never acceptable for any Muslim and vigilant Afghan.
Therefore, the absolute majority of our countrymen boycotted these forged and illusive elections and welcomed the call of the Islamic Emirate which had demanded the people not to be deceived by the enemy and to refrain from becoming the part of this malicious game of the enemy of Islam and our beloved homeland.
Though in most parts of the country, the armed personnel of the enemy tried to forcefully take the people out of their homes and compel them to vote in these forge elections but the people resisted and kept themselves away from this abortive process.
Calling it a successful process and giving it thorough coverage is also the part of wide range American propaganda for deceiving the nations. In this way they want to obscure the prevailing realities and the malicious whims of the foreign invaders are imposed upon the masses by force and fraud.
The Saturday’s elections which were largely boycotted by the masses were completely an ostentatious and deceiving process, though the western media, pro-western analysts and the officials of the stooge regime called it a successful, Afghan-inclusive and unparalleled one; but in reality the elections were held in a very limited areas and even there, they were overshadowed by wide range fraudulence, mismanagement and public boycott.
All main transportation routes were closed in most suburban areas, villages and districts on the so called election day, therefore, no elections could take place in these areas and if something was under planning, it was confronted with thereat and attack after a short delay and was abolished.
On this day, Mujahidin carried out nearly 1088 attacks on the enemy with the extensive support of the masses in which heavy corporeal and financial losses were inflicted on them, but the media under the deep influence of the foreign occupiers remained quiet and announced nothing.
According to our assessment, these elections were a fraudulent, baseless and ostentatious process, contrary to the widespread propaganda which can never be called genuine and fair elections. The outcome of these illusive and abortive games will never be acceptable for our masses as the vigilant Afghans can never be deceived by the malicious schemes and conspiracies of the foreign occupiers.
The valorous Afghan nation, being inspired by its true and righteous divine religion, deems the emancipation of its beloved homeland only and only in the persistence and amplification of the ongoing Holy Jihad and this kind of illusive games can never undermine the zeal and fervor of Jihad.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
06/06/1435 A.H. (Lunar)
17/01/1393 A.H. (Solar)
06l04/2014 A.D