New statement from the Kavkaz Center: “Clarifying Position In Connection With Ongoing Discord In Syria”


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

Recently, the Kavkaz Center received many letters in connection with its information policy regarding the continuing discord in Syria.

In addition, some sites and forums, as well as social networks, periodically discuss KC’s position on the issue. At the same time, in letters and discussions, the opinions of the authors are diametrically opposed.

In general, these views could be divided into three groups:

1. The group, which accuses the KC that it “does not like the ISIL”, “is from the outset opposed to the ISIL and against an Islamic state”, “conveys false reports”. And that KC does not expose the “apostasy of Islamic Front”, and other “apostate groups”.

2. The group, which accuses the Kavkaz-Center that it does not expose “all crimes committed by the ISIL properly”, that the KC ignores the truth about “the cruelty of ISIL” and thus “contributes to discord” because “many young Mujahideen have been deceived by the slogans of the ISIL and they are used against Muslims”.

3. The group which supports and shares the information policy of the Kavkaz Center.

In this regard, the editorial staff of the KC felt it necessary to clarify its position and to answer some of the charges.

First, the Kavkaz Center is an Islamic political information site covering events in the Ummah, the Caucasus, as well as in the world and Russia. We consider it important to inform Muslims about these events, evaluate them, interpret and explain their motives, so that Muslims adequately evaluate the processes and can properly respond to them.

The importance of this work can be estimated at least by the fact that many Muslims, and even some among Mujahideen, still express incomprehension why the KC pays “so much attention to events in infidel countries”.

Secondly, we DO NOT hate the ISIL. We believe that the very idea of the Islamic State is right! However, in our opinion, the methods of its implementation, the ideology of takfirism, leaving the battle against infidels and starting the battle against Muslims, violence and mass executions, undermine on the vine this idea and provoke hostility and hatred from the population of Levant, which not only promotes the idea of the ISIL, but on the contrary – leads to a collapse.

We believe that the policy (or rather – the lack of policy as such) and methodology of implementation of the idea of an Islamic State in Levant is extremely flawed and plays into the hands of the enemies. Although, once again, the very idea of an Islamic State is correct in our opinion and we support it.

We supported the Islamic state long before those who now consider ourselves the only conductors of this idea, and are not going to turn away from this path.

Third, with respect to the discord in Levant, we share the views of the Command of the Army of Emigrants and Supporters, expressed in the latest speech of Emir Salahuddin al-Chechen.

We believe that the way out would be a recognition the single Sharia Court for all groups of Mujahideen with mandatory subordination of its decision, a union, a rejection of personal ambition and arrogance, and aiming weapons against infidels and not against each other.

However, even a semi-literate person understands that the disengagement between Mujahideen and rebels (nationalists, democrats, Saudi-sponsored groups and associations, groups financed by the west, etc.) is inevitable. This can be seen today, but as soon as the forces of infidels (Shiites, Assadites, Alawites, etc.) are weakened or defeated, this disengagement may acquire the character of a war. Clashes that occur today are only the first signs as compared to what might occur “after the victory over Assad”.

That is why even now, we must become a uniting power for all the Muslims (all Islamic Mujahideen groups), rather than one group trying to impose with force its views, ideas and rule for the others. First and foremost, this concerns the ISIL and the Nusrah Front. The presence of a strong united force among Mujahideen could prevent an internal war after the elimination of the Assad regime.

Fourth, for the most part, we deliberately do not publish materials in any way to affect the ongoing issue of discord, including the materials related to the ISIL.

However, we sometimes, albeit rarely, publish separate statements and addresses of the main leaders of Mujahideen groups such as the Nusrah Front (al-Joulani), the ISIL (Abu Bakr Baghdadi), the AES (Salahuddin al-Chechen), and we deliberately do not publish materials from other emirs/leaders, including information from their websites.

In the future, we will probably publish statements and appeals of lower-level emirs and other groups, but it will depend on the content of the texts. If we see it fit, then we will publish it – if not, then we will not.

We also publish appeals and statements of some scholars, whose opinions and positions we share. And we do not publish the views of those scholars whose position we do not share.

In general, we publish materials that we see fit and do not publish material that we believe are unnecessary and harmful, including those coming from websites that support one or another group.

Speaking about discord/infighting, we mean primarily the confrontation between Islamic groups. As for secularist groups and groups supported by the Saudis and the west, the opposition to them is a natural manifestation of ideological hostility. But the fact that these clashes occur in a situation and time, disadvantageous for the Mujahideen, is a result of failures in the policy of the ISIL leaders, if it is unaccompanied by other motives.

Fifth, we deliberately do not engage in polemics and do not respond to attacks on the KC, because we believe it is flawed and would only lead to increased hostility and hatred. We try to avoid it, even though we have what to answer, to show, and to blame with specific evidences.

We also do not accept insults of some emirs and their websites that they accuse us of not publishing them (allegedly, due to dislike or enmity), and we address to them and say – you are mistaken.

We call on Allah to witness and declare love for the sake of Allah for every sincere Mujahid on the path of the Jihad. We remind every Muslim, every Mujahid, reading these lines – We have one faith, one qibla, one Prophet (pbuh).

Sixth, a few words to those who accuse us of “working for the west”. We treat these charges without emotion. Especially, because it is not only us who are accused. For example, many believe that the ISIL is an Iranian Shiite project, aimed at undermining the Jihad in Syria.

So it does not surprise us, since we hear all kinds of accusations since the start of the KC 15 years ago.

We were accused of working for al-Qaeda and the Mossad, for the FSB and the CIA. Remember, that all these accusers were and are professional propagandists and liars, political opponents and enemies, as well as amateurs in “kitchen conspiracies”.

If someone does not know, we say that in working for the west (America and so on) we are now accused, along with Russian invaders, by Shiites and Raafidis of Iran (for example, here).

So have a look in what company you are yourselves in first, before throwing mud at us.

Seventh, we do not intend to debate on this explanation. We made our position clear. Whoever accepts it, accepts. Whoever rejects, rejects.

And in conclusion:

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!

Kavkaz Center