New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Zabīhullah Mujāhid: "Dispelling the Concerns of Some of Afghanistan's Neighboring States"

Recently some of Afghanistan’s neighboring states, namely India, China and Russia, have expressed concern that if American forces exit Afghanistan then Afghanistan will be faced with strife and could become a threat to the stability of the region.
We consider these concerns to be the product of the propaganda dissemination by Western Intelligence-controlled media outlets, and encourage our neighboring states to take an impartial stance and look at this issue from the prism of the prevalent realities. The Islamic Emirate, as a responsible entity, assures its neighbors that Afghanistan will not cause any harm to its neighboring fellow states. The Islamic Emirate strives to achieve peace both in our country and in the wider region. However, the continued presence of American forces in Afghanistan is the prime reason for the instability of our country and meddling in the wider region. Our neighboring states must understand the threats that are posed to our region as a result of continued US-Nato military presence in Afghanistan. This military presence provides a pretext for further instability in the region, continues to arouse the sensitivities of the common people of this region, and for the Afghan people especially, this military presence is absolutely unacceptable.
We are unequivocally opposed to any American military presence in Afghanistan and we will continue our armed struggle until Afghanistan regains its full sovereignty and all foreign military forces leave our country. Afghanistan’s neighboring states bear a responsibility to take into account the legitimate aspirations of the people of this region and take steps to become aware of the realities of this war rather than simply rely on the information fed by western intelligence-controlled media outlets with the purpose of prolonging the instability of Afghanistan. Our neighboring countries should study the characteristics of the Afghan people and take steps towards building such a relationship with our nation that will prove fruitful to all parties and fulfill the legitimate aspirations of all people.

The Spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabiullah Mujahid


21/01/1435     3/09/1392