New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Concerning the Farce of the Loya Jirga"

In the coming days, Karzai’s stooge regime wishes to assemble a mock and ostentatious jirga in Kabul. Through this farce, the Karzai regime wishes to execute the American’s demands and implement a treacherous deal which in our history will forever be known as national sedition and a criminal act against our nation. Under this treacherous deal, undertaken between a master and slave, the barbarian American army will continue its occupation of our beloved homeland. They will continue to engage in combat, to carry out night raids on civilian properties, to indiscriminately bomb villages, to continue their abuses against civilians, to continue imprisoning Afghans, and to carry out all forms of abuses against our nation. And for carrying out these abuses, as we saw in Kandahar, these blood-stained war criminals will be taken to America where they receive a farce reprimand and then released to live comfortably with their families.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers any such agreement with America to be a blatant violation of the sublime Islamic Law and considers any perpetuators of this treacherous crime as traitors of our nation. This proposed agreement, which is a violation of all Sharia and legal principles, cannot succeed in its aim of selling Afghanistan to foreigners and enabling American forces to stay here unharmed. The valiant Afghan nation will never allow the occupation of its country even for a second and will give the invaders no respite. For this reason the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all its countrymen to boycott the forthcoming Loya Jirga which is nothing more than a farce concocted by the Karzai regime and administered by his handpicked supporters. Because looking at the puppet regime’s past conduct, we know that Karzai and his regime will accept whatever conditions their American masters set out and will use the Loya Jirga as a mere show to pass the burden of this treasonous act onto the participants of this Jirga. Therefore all free Afghans should not participate in this Jirga and distance themselves from this historical crime.
In the same vein the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan warns all the participants of this Jirga that if the proposed agreement is accepted then the Islamic Emirate will view all the participants of this Jirga as perpetuators of a historical crime and will take steps to punish each participant for committing national treason. Having being made aware of the consequences of their crime, the participants will have no one but themselves to blame for any repercussions. Finally we would like to advise all our countrymen to become aware of the enemy’s connivances both in this instance and others and to take steps to thwart these schemes against our beloved country. They should also be aware that the current Karzai regime installed in Kabul does not serve the national interests of Afghanistan but is rather a puppet of their foreign masters and will always put the interest of America ahead of the interest of our beloved nation. The Islamic Emirate respects the gathering which took place in Kabul a few days ago in which the scholars and intellectuals took part and declared their opposition to the proposed Agreement and called for the unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan. The participants of this gathering and all other Afghans should take further effective steps towards this end.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


20/08/1392         11/11/2013