New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding Baseless Accusations by Karzai Concerning the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan"

Everyone is aware that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan arose to protect the nation’s religious values and national interests at a time when insecurity, anarchy and federalism had endangered the country’s Islamic, national and historical identity. It was this Islamic Emirate which united the country, uprooted the lingual, tribal and regional prejudice from amongst the people, established calm and security in the entire country and presented unmatched sacrifices in this path, a clear example of which is the bloody and inhumane incident of Dasht Laila, and is still presenting unparalleled sacrifices against the invaders to preserve the religious values of its people as well as unification and independence of its country by the backing of its zealous and valiant nation.
With the onset of the occupation and Karzai, the country was once again gripped in disgusting paws of federalism and anarchism. In these eleven years, everyone practically witnessed that the Kabul administration does not hold full authority even in Kabul. Every area has its own kingpin in the crumbling administration of Kabul and every kingpin has direct contact with the invaders. The administration in Kabul has only been erected to trick the people, a clear example of this reality are the recent incidents in the north and west of the country.
What is amazing is that Karzai considers the political office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the Islamic country of Qatar, which is inaugurated to protect the country’s independence and national unity and secure peace and security, to be a conspiracy to disintegrate the country. This despite the fact that formerly and currently, the Islamic Emirate with the backing of its nation has presented countless sacrifices in every corner of the country, from Badakhshan to Kandahar, from Khost to Hairatan and from Tor Ghondi to Torkham, to preserve the nation’s religious values and protect its sovereignty and nation unity.
The Islamic Emirate shall never under any circumstance allow anyone to play with destiny of its religion, people and land. Karzai, whose carpet is now rolling up from under his feet, wants to hide his failures, insufficiency, corruption and deceits and especially to let the invaders stay behind as well as to kill peace and security and to extend his powerless authority, is resorting to such white lies and baseless propaganda to divert the attention of the people from his subordination.
Without a doubt, the independence of the country is in the interest of the entire nation however Karzai believes it to be a loss for his own self interest and is therefore creating obstacles for this process under various pretexts. On September of 2011, he also created obstacles during the Bonn conference for the process of independence of the country and has now again turned towards white lies and propaganda that there are talks of the independence and permanent peace. Karzai and his group are never in favor of the sovereignty of the country and security for its people hence they will also try to block the way of peace and tranquility in the future! Therefore the world, which has now understood the reality, must not be fooled by the guile, deception and ploys of the said person and must answer positively to the demands and determination of the Afghan people in light of the ground realities.
Just as the Islamic Emirate has said in its previous statements and especially in the Eid messages of the esteemed Amir ul Momineen, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah protect him), it once again clearly and loudly reiterates to its people and the world that the Islamic identity, independence and unification of its nation are from amongst its principle goals. The Islamic Emirate shall never allow and give an opportunity to anyone to fulfill the vile ambition of the country’s disintegration.


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


11/04/1392         02/07/2013


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