New release “Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #5: Bilāl al-Birjāwī al-Lubnānī (Abu Ḥafṣ)”

UPDATE 4/19/13 9:23 AM: Here is an English translation of the Arabic biography:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious the Most Mercifull
سيرة الشهيد بإذن الله بلال البرجاوي-اللبنانيّ-(أبو حفص)
Life of the Shaheed -by the permission of Allaah- :: Al-Akh Bilaal al-Bar’jaawi al-Lebnaani (Abu Hafs)
Bilaal al-Bar’jaawi (and he is also known by Abee and Abee Dujaanah) joined with the Mujaahideen in Somaalia during the time of the Islamic Courts Union, so he got his first training from al-Qaa’idayn (the two Military Commanders) a’-Shaheedayn (as we reckon them) ‘Abdullah Muhammad Faadhil and his beloved companion Abu Yoosef Saalih an-Nabhaani.
So he went for some days with his companion between training and battles.
And after the withdrawal of the courts brothers entrusted him the task of collecting money and arranging a permanent line, along with some other tasks, he returned to Britain and engaged there in the organizing of Secret Ways to work, in which he took responsibility for, and in particular the collection of funds and its delivery, Bilal excelled in this area so he was able (thanks to Allaah) bi Fdl lilaah to provide several permanent income-generating projects for the Brothers the Mujaahideen and in many ways, as it was a permanent communication with our brothers and especially Fadel.
In the length of his stay in Britain has not gone unnoticed with him and his companions from the eyes of the British intelligence.
Bilal was able to leave Britain in 20098 from the eyes of the Intelligence, so he made a journey for a long period to a number of countries until he reached Somaalia with his companion Abee Ahad al-Misri. Bilaal, or as he liked to be called (Abu Dujaana) eventually arrived to Somaalia, so he entered Baido then transferred to the Military Training Camps, since the start of the camp he excelled at Listening and Obeying – the other two standards, for this is not something strange for one that participated in the Jihaad in the past so he understood the importance of “al-Sam’u wat Taa’at” (Listening and Obeying) and despite that he had previous ability amongst the brothers in the camp and he educated them in a number of issues, he was not astonished by himself in his heart, and he never got proud or arrogant over his Brothers. Rather, he used to listen and obey. In his innocence you would see him as a small child, but with Mount – the smell of a mountain. He was very patient in everything despite his health conditions which he used to face in the camp, and despite that he was injured with a bullet-wound in his stomach he was not able to move because of its affect only except that he had patience and he didn’t get fazed. And he used to be relaxed with his Brother joking with them and he didn’t leave anybody except that he shared their concerns and opinions. He was socializing and he never refused to look at the opinion or question of anyone. He was performing difficult tasks in the military camps. One day he was digging the trenches in underground shelters, so his brothers participated with him, but he was the most active of brothers, he would encourage them and organize their tasks.
He was attentive inj his military studies، as well as being a responsible person he felt responsible for meeting the weight on his shoulders, and from the days of the military training camps he used to be open with the Brothers and talk about the issues of the Jihaad with them and work which is obligated to be performed. He always sat with his Brothers, tell them many things about his life and his Hijrah and the life of Shuhadaa and about the Karamaat (The Miraculous events) which he once mentioned, what happened during the martyrdom of Abee Maryam (Raheemahullaah) he said: “Abaa Maryam went into a battle and his was holding his weapon in a sitting position, so he was wounded and gained martyrdom in the same condition, the Brothers tried to change what passed by removing his weapon or by extending it to him, but they couldn’t, and it was as if he was frozen with his weapon in his hand not leaving him. the brothers tried many times but could not do it so they decided to bury him with his weapon..after some time one of the Brothers remembered that they maybe could not make him in a side facing the Qiblah , then they returned and dag the grave finding him in the same condition, then they tried to to remove the weapon one of the Brothers, but he couldn’t do it, then one of the Brothers said to hm : ” Yaa Abaa Maryam we are your brothers the Mujaahideen and we need the weapon “, so Abu Maryam (Raheemahullaah) Maryam let go of his weapon and smiled, a light smile extending his weapon to the Ikhwah” fa subhanAllaah …. these are the miracles with which Allaah makes firm His slaves the Mujaahideen on their pat. And he relates may Allaah accept him, about the battle of Saleh An-Nabhaan in which the camp passed by an atmosphere of very beautiful Brothers regardless of the clashing events. And he was charged with the spreading of things to the students intending to provide for them and relax them, like offering fruits, biscuits and things that are impossible to find in the Military Camps as well he was always in communication with the Admin of the Mujaahideen and those outside despite his presence in the training camps (in order that his good deeds are not put to waste.) Also communicating with some of the brothers and the camp passed by with this kind of atmosphere and this atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Then he traveled to Mogadishu and when he was in the rest room he was always thinking of the times with his Brothers the Muhaajireen and their state as he was in charge of their issues and his was advising the Ikhwah in charge with sorting out the conditions of the Junood (soldiers) also he was active in the position which established in the house, in fact, he was the one that arranged its issues and he helped in making the importance of that work, he was known for seeking the best in all of its situations. A few days went by with the Brothers, then he left them going with his close friend Abu Ahad al-Misri. He love battles very much, as whenever the changes of the battles began he would go and participate despite the importance of his work, he would sit for long days on the front line, he had great manners, alive and shy in front of his Brothers and he gave them service (al-Khudamaat) in accordance with the word of Allah ‘aza wa jall: ” Humble towards the Believers” and he was in truth humble with the Believers, where if a person would speak with him he lower his head -may Allah have mercy on him- revered but humbled , and this is from the small traits among the brothers.
The tounge becomes unable to mention his Hasanaat (Raheemahullaah), the one that does not know his clemency will leave (forget) it all., he was in charge of the issues concerning the Shuhadaa and their family , as well he was in charge of sending them assistance as much as one can , as well as being in charge of the children of the Mujaahideen and the martyrs in particular. And also he never stopped sending gifts to the Mujaahideen in general and the Muhaajireen (migrants) and Muraabiteen in particular. Such as buying clothes, and sending them warm clothes in the Winter, and light clothes in the Summer, and he was in charge in the side of “Ashyaa’ al-Haydah” and also in charge of the weapons field. In all this time he was communicating with Faadhil al-Qamrii (Raheemahullaah)n and we reckon that all of these directions came from Faadhil al-Qamrii himself, as he used to give glad tidings to the fore runners with the close arrival of The Commander Faadhil to Somaalia, and he was the one that was really in responsible of the condition of the Muhaajieen alot, hence a group of people waited for his arrival as if holding onto the most free from the hot-coal of the Believers. Where if one would talk with him he would lower his head (Raheemahullaah) revered and humble with the Brothers, and these are from among the traits of the believers between the Brothers. Faadil was able to arrive to Somaalia with the arrangement with Abu Hafs (Belaal), so he began with work on the side of the Muhaajireen, he joined Bilal al-Barjaawii in the first role from the camp which was arranged by the Teachers who came with Faadhil on his journey to Somaalia, after that period Allaah did not decree for him to complete the military camp, Faadil gained martyrdom in the event of planned assasaination in Dhawaahee , Mogadisho, after which Bilal became sad about the exit (of Faadil) along with his companion Abee Ahad. The British intelligence where still monitoring his movements, and his contact with the help of the spies and the Munaafiqiin, their aim was to bomb with an unmanned drone when he was trying to leave the companionship of his Teachers, Bilaal was exposed to severe injuries and he was pressured because of its affects to go to the hospital , and after that with the support of medicine for a number of month as he was transported during that time to the city of Afogye and he started to get better. He was heading to serve his companion Abu Ahad al-Misri (Raheemahullaah) and he was adherent to following the situation of the Brothers despite his difficult condition, after he was transported to the city of Merka and there his condition became better, so it became healthy and started to walk and drive the car on his own. That day he became anxious to meet one of the Ikhwah in the city of “A’leish Baiyo” so he headed to the city along with his Driver who had been recruited from the side of the American Intelligence, so the informer Driver began pressing the phone in the car to specify the location , the Driver in his filthy work left with the Hujjah (Argument) that he is going to pray Salaah!! Whilst Belaal was busy inside the car on telephone then came the bomb from an unmanned drone with a number of Missiles destroying the car completely! Nothing remained from his body besides his liver may Allaah bestow him with His wide mercy upon him place him in the Gardens of Paradise.
We ask Allaah the All-able Protector that He writes for your reward and good deeds, and that He makes for you a place in al-Firdaws and those who He blessed from amongst the Prophets, the Truthfull, the Martyrs and the Righteous and those are the best of companions.
والحمد لله رب العالمين.
All prasie belongs to Allaah swt.

Please remember us in your Dua.
لا تنسونا من صالح دعواتكم


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