New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Response and Complete Report of the Returned Delegation About the Felonies carried out in the Mūsā Qa'lah District of Helmond Province"

On 19th March, 2013 (7/5/1434 A.H), the police force, related to the Kabul admin, committed a barbaric and inexcusable felony in the Kunjak village of Musa Qala district in Helmond province. The Islamic Emirate, due to its religious and national obligation, sent a fact-finding mission to the region to assess the events, take necessary measures and collect verified and all-inclusive information about this horrible incident. On the basis of the report of the assigned delegation, the details of the incident are as follow:
On 19th March, 2013 (7/5/1434 A.H), the police force of the security headquarters of the district raided the mosque of Moulvi Sharafuddin under the headship of Khaksar and Ehsanullah, while he (the Imam) was delivering a religious speech in his mosque in Kunjak village. They started beating Moulvi Sharafuddin, without any reason, in the midst of his religious oration. At the same time, they urinated inside the mosque, tore apart the copies of the Holy Quran, threw them on the ground and desecrated them (God forsake). In retaliation, the common Muslims and vigilant people of the district arranged a demonstration due to their convictional obligation and reached the police station. The people went back to their homes as they were assured, on first day, by the district officials that the perpetrators will be brought in public and will be penalized. On the following day more than 2000 people from Kunjak, Nabwaka, Cheena, Sra-Pan, Takhta-Pul and some other areas, including the people from some villages of Baghni district, demonstrated in the form of a procession to the district office. They demanded from the officials the earliest possible punishment of the perpetrator policemen, but the officials told them that those policemen are summoned to Kabul and are no more there. Concurrently, those two police officials, named Khaksar and Ehsanullah, who were the real felons of the incident, came out from police headquarters in their armored vehicles, followed by several armed personnel. They asked the caretaker or the compassionate ones of the Holy Quran to get aside. When the people saw these criminals, they accelerated their protest and chanted slogans against the Kabul admin. In retaliation, these criminal policemen lowered the barrels of their guns and opened fire on the masses following the direction of their commanders, in which more than 40 countrymen, mostly the inhabitants of the above mentioned villages, were martyred and nearly 70 more demonstrators were wounded. It is remorseful that the home-based media, while most of them consider themselves sympathetic for their fellow countrymen, did not pay any attention and published the facts and figures of the incident overturned and less significant.
The Islamic Emirate condemns this gratuitous and inexcusable act of the Kabul administration in the strongest words and invites all the indigenous media to perform their national obligation and expose and announce their impartial information based on ground realities so that these kinds of grave tragedies of the masses are not obscured for the vested interests of a few individuals.
Similarly, we call upon all the humanist and independent organizations to perform their responsibility in this grave incident of civilian casualties and human disaster. They should fully evaluate the incident and condemn the perpetrators. On the other side, the Islamic Emirate calls upon its own Mujahidin to identify and penalize, with their full strength, the perpetrators of the aforementioned felony. Our aggravated nation should be more vigilant about this sad tragedy and should not spare their power and possibilities from their Mujahidin brothers in penalizing the felons.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
10/5/1434 A.H. (lunar) ——- 2/1/1392 A.H. (solar)
22/03/2013 A.D.