New statement from Katībat al-Mūwaqa'ūn Bi-l-Dimā': "Claiming the In Amenas Hostage Operation"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
We in the “Signers with Blood Brigade” declare conducting the blessed Ghazwa as a response for the blatant intervention of the crusader French forces in Mali and its striving to infringe the Islamic ruling system in Azawad while the Muslims are moaning under the weight the butcher Bashar in wounded Syria as the whole world is watching and listening and Algeria was chosen as a location for execution so that Bouteflika may know that we won’t accept his disregard for the dignity of a nation that sacrificed one and half million martyr and his conspiracy with the French to strike the Muslims in Mali and his closure of the borders before the people of Azawad that fled from bombardment of the French warplanes and this Ghazwa comes within the global campaign to fight against the Jews and crusaders.
We reassure that the number of hostages is more than 40 crusaders including 7 Americans, 2 French, 2 British, and other European nationalities, and we bear the Algerian and French government and the countries of the hostages’ full responsibility in not speeding up the implementation of our demands that on top of it stopping the aggressive assault on our people in Mali.
And Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know.
The Signers with Blood


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