New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding Participation in the Paris Conference"

Just like the conference held in Tokyo city of Japan, another research and scientific conference will be hosted in the capital of France, Paris, by a non-government agency ‘Foundation pour la Recherche Strategique’ (Foundation for Strategic Research) on 17th of the current Christian month.
Since the Islamic Emirate has also been invited to participate, hence the Islamic Emirate will send two representatives from its political office to directly communicate the stance and policy of Islamic Emirate regarding the situation in Afghanistan to the participants and the international community present in this analytical conference. Our representatives there will only communicate our policy and since this is a research and scientific conference, no political deals will be made with anyone and neither will talks and negotiations be held with the invaders or the Kabul administration.
Therefore all media reports published regarding this conference labeling it ‘peace talks’ or ‘negotiations’ are for pure propaganda purposes and efforts to sow mistrust. Such baseless rumors were also spread during the Japan conference which were later rebuffed and the liars exposed. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has a firm policy and predefined conditions regarding negotiations and talks which have not changed one bit.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan