New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Crimes of the Invaders and Arbakis”

Ever since the process of ‘Arbaki’ was initiated about 2 years ago where a number of gangs were armed by the foreign invaders throughout the country, the daily life of most Afghans has largely been negatively affected in many of those parts.

Arbarki’s, most of whom are drug addicts, crooks, thieves, former gunmen, rejected family members and other knee deep offenders, have reached out to heart rending crimes in the various regions. Below are examples of some of the crimes committed by Arbaki’s in the past month regarding which we have been informed:


On the 04/12/12 in Zhari district’s Kadal area, an Arbaki commander (Sher Agha) lost 6 of his men in a firefight with Mujahideen. A Mujahid was also martyred in this face to face fighting and his body left behind on the battle field. The said commander tied the body of the martyr to his vehicle and dragged it for three kilometers, and then he hung the body for two days in Siya Choyo Dukano area after which he set it on fire only leaving behind the bones of the martyr.

A few days later, the same Arbaki’s detained an unarmed Mujahid in the same area and after repeated torture; they brutally cut off his arms and legs before twisting and breaking his neck.

Similarly, the same commander (Sher Agha) detained an innocent man charging him of being a Taliban member in Kolak village a few days later. The body of the innocent civilian was found in a bag a couple of days later with his eyes gouged out, both of his arms and legs severed and the rest of it cut to pieces.

A few ago in Zhari district’s Nada village, armed Arbaki’s charged and detained two memorizers of the Holy Quran of being Taliban members, tied both of them between two pickup trucks before driving both of the vehicles in opposite directions, martyring both of the ‘Hufaaz’ by splitting them in two.

Maiwand District

Arbaki’s took out several villagers from their homes a while back in Maiwand district’s Aswada Karez area, accused them of being or helping Taliban before lying them on the grounds, repeatedly running them over with their vehicles and leaving them martyred under its tires.

Another incident happened inside the district Police headquarters where Arbaki’s have been granted a special department in which they hold their prisoners and commit torture. The Arbaki’s keep a scorching hot long wide metal bar in this designated area and burn suspects accused of being Taliban. Many have been martyred by succumbing to this type of torture.

Panjwai District

In Panjwai district’s Yakh Sah area, a notorioius Arbaki commander (Shamsullah), besides committing other criminal acts, stops vehicles for searches on the main road where he searches for young boys and after finding one of his liking, takes and keeps him inside his check post for weeks and commits group rape.

Dand District

A Mujahid (Sayed Jan) blew apart an Arabki vehicle with an IED in Salawat area of Dand district and left the area. Arabaki’s later forced their way inside his home where they martyred two female house members and the brother of Sayed Jan.

After the police chief of Dand district was killed in a bomb blast in Nakhoni region’s Nawroz area, Dand district, Arbaki’s entered the home of a local Mullah, martyred 2 of his sons and beat up his old mother in front of the public.

Arghandab District

An Arbaki commander (Ishaq) tied two Mujahideen who were injured in enemy airstrikes in Arghandab district’s Tabeen area and dragged them until both attained martyrdom.

In the district’s Naghan village, an Arbaki commander (Muhammad Nabi), after finding an IED grabbed an innocent civilian on grounds of suspicion, sat him on the IED and then detonated it.


In the month of Ramadan of the current year (2012), an innocent civilian, who was an only orphaned child raised by his mother, got wounded in cross fire between Mujahideen and Arbakis in Dahabad area near Logar provincial capital. When the Arbaki’s learnt the said person was wounded and taken to a local clinic, they approached the doctors and barred them from treating him despite the mother of the man pleading his innocence. The Arbaki’s responded: “We don’t recognize God and your son is a Talib.” They prevented doctors from treating him until he attained martyrdom.


A notorious Arbaki commander (Mehrab) in Koh-e-Safi district forcefully took away the wife of a local, kept her in his base for one month where she was repeatedly gang raped. After altercation amongst themselves on the woman, they killed her and blamed it on her father-in-law. Then they raided and looted the home of her father-in-law.


Arbakis from Gor Tepa area went to the a gathering about a personal feud in Ashqalan area adjacent Kunduz city where they shot at two white bearded elders (Amir Khan and Gulabuddin), wounding both as well as beating other attendees.

Arbaki’s looted the home of an elder (Haji Noor Muhammad) in Gor Tepa region’s Arabano area in broad daylight, martyred one of his son’s and wounded Haji Noor Muhammad along with his another son.

Arabki’s deliberately opened fire on a passing vehicle in Aqtash Basoso area adjacent Kunduz city, martyring an innocent woman aboard.


4 unarmed Mujahideen riding on two motorbikes were arrested by foreign troops in Zer Koh region of Shindand district and were detainees with the enemy for ten days. They were later discovered in a desert by a local shepherd in a state where they were tortured, bodies cut into pieces, arms and legs severed and all meat shaved from their bones.


On 18 of November of the current year, a group of Arbaki’s from Shilgar district backed by American tanks entered Shaili village of Gero district at night. With onset of daylight, as a local mosque Imam (Mawlawi Sahib Zabihullah) was leading villagers in morning prayer, the Arabki’s stormed into the mosque, arrested the said Mawlawi along with a few of his students and villagers before taking them back to Shilgar district when the Americans left Gero. Two days later, the body of Mawlawi Zabihullah was found Shilgar district’s Ibraheem Khelo village in a state that all his bones were broken from beatings, and his face and eyes sprayed with bullets, Surely to Allah we belong and to him is the return.


A short while back, notorious Arbaki’s in Charsada district detained 3 madrasa students (Taliban) by forcing them out of a local vehicle and shot them on site despite repeated pleas by other passengers of their innocence.


On the 3rd of November of the current year, in retaliation to losing several of their comrades in combat in Barakzo area of Sangin district, Arbaki’s shot and martyred a woman and her child before taking away 4 other civilians as prisoners.

Above are some examples of the crimes committed by Arbaki’s in the past month or so. Such atrocities are taking place in all corners of our country and our oppressed nation is its target. Today’s Arbaki’s are the exact replicas of yesterday’s gunmen, ‘Gilam Jam’ and highway robbers who have decided on looting the honor, wealth and lives of our nation; are fanning the flames of tribal conflicts; are encouraging youth towards drugs, moral degradation, robbery and are pushing the society towards total anarchy.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan earnestly asks all Human Right organization to back the Afghans in containing this corruption and to save the nation from this great calamity. Similarly, we ask writers as well as the media to lift the curtains from these tyrants and their gross human right violations. Expose the ongoing barbarism of Arbakism and militiaism, shed light on its future implication for the country and its people and point out the faces of its backers who are paving the way for partition and internal strife for their personal gains. The oppression being carried out by the intelligence agency of Karzai is also which a human cannot describe while all these carry with it repercussions, the responsibility of which shall be placed squarely on its advocates.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan