New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Report of Investigation by Qualified Board Regarding Claim of Beheading of 17 Civilians in Roshanabad Area of Helmand Province’s Sangin District”


The officials of Kabul administration in Helmand province claimed 2 months earlier that seventeen people including 2 women were brutally beheaded at night time in Roshanabad area of Sangin district. The mentioned event was picked up by all major news outlets citing the Kabul administration’s spokesperson for Helmand province (Daud Ahmadi) as a source and placing the blame squarely on the local Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

The high ranking Mujahideen officials in the area were repeatedly questioned however the answer each time was that no Mujahideen were involved and neither are they aware of such an incident taking place in that remote region. As the area was under the control of Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, therefore the head of Islamic Emirate dispatched a qualified board to the region to carry out a full, thorough and prolonged investigation and then forward the findings back to the leader. The final report of this qualified board of Islamic Emirate has completed its investigation, the results of which we want to share with the media as well as the entire nation.

The mentioned claim which supposedly took place in Roshanabad area of Helmand province’s Sangin district has not occurred in the stated area or in the entire province. The board of Islamic Emirate, with help from the elders, youngsters and distinguished personalities, travelled on foot in the province’s Sangin, Musa Kala, Kajaki, Bughni, Baghran and Zamindawar regions, went from door to door and asked about related information and found that all the locals labeled the incident as fabrication and showed complete ignorance of such a happening.

Two respected personalities of Roshanabad (Haji La’l Muhammad and Haji Muhammad Yar) said that they were taken by surprise after hearing about the incident and promptly carried out a joint investigation with the Mujahideen and locals in the initial days however nothing as such has transpired in the entire Sangin district and especially in Roshanabad area thus all the residents of the area are now certain that this claim is a blatant lie; nothing like this has taken place here; no one plays music here and neither has anyone been killed for such a thing; no one has seen the bodies of the dead and neither is there a single person aware of the incident.

The above testimonies as well as the repeated investigations clearly show that no such event has ever taken place in Roshanabad, Sangin or even the entire Helmand province as was claimed by the Kabul administration’s spokesperson for Helmand province as well as published by some self-interested outlets as headline grabbing material by using one-sided information and for defaming purposes.

The Islamic Emirate has completed its investigation regarding this matter and states that nothing as such has taken place in the area and all the reports and claims about it are false. If any person or sides including the media want to carry out an unbiased investigation in the area and inform itself on the matter, then they are welcomed to send their teams and inquire with the people, collect information and carry out their duty. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate based in the area will help all those who wish to clear up facts and inform themselves about the realities.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan