New article from the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan’s Laiba Yousafzai: “Civilized Nations & Un-civilized Activities”


Thursday, 20 September 2012 12:51
Our beloved Prophet (PBUH), the last messenger of God, was the best of the mankind sent as a blessing for this world and world hereafter. Hence what ever is there in the holy book of Quran are his manners, dispositions, ethics and morality.
If you turn the pages of history you shall find no equal The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a candle of knowledge and wisdom. His every message was a message of peace. In his (PBUH) every say and instruction there was a philosophy of life and discipline. In nut shell in his message there was a gain for this life and life hereafter.
That great man who was even worried for his Ummah for the Day of Judgment asks mercy from Allah for his followers.
Is not this a matter of concern that the same Ummah has forgotten his message? His instructions and sayings are like a candle in the path of darkness. Today to follow his instructions apart, Muslims do not even consider it necessary to think over them for a while. Though his instructions and sayings are the golden rule which ensures a successful life in this world and life here after. If we adopt those rules we can become successful human beings. Alas, we have gone too far off from our Allah, religion and Prophet (PBUH), and same has caused our down fall. We are blindly running after the materialistic world and have involved ourselves into sins that people of other religion have started ridiculing the Muslims. We are considered as the wicked nation of the world and the Islam which is a religion of peace and tranquility is termed as the religion of terrorists and wicked.
The things have gone so far that Europeans are working and ridiculing our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and terming him as Prophet of miscreants. This is a stigma on the modesty of Muslim Ummah. If we do not reassess ourselves than a day is not far off when there will be no Muslim left.
The worldly gains have blindfolded us. We care nothing but only ourselves and this mortal life. The nations of world which feel proud by calling themselves the most civilized and educated resort, in the burning fire of Islamic enmity, to most uncivilized acts. To ridicule a Prophet or a virtuous man is considered the most disgusting by all religions of the world. This shows the low mentality and hostile attitude towards Muslims.
In addition, these so called civilized nations considered our beloved Prophet, messenger of God, an illiterate person who has not obtained knowledge from any proper academy. All human beings who believe in our God know that the origin of knowledge rests in God. The God has spread this knowledge through different resources in this world. Now think that the knowledge which reaches you after passing different sources can not be considered as pure, than the knowledge which you receive directly without hindrance. The God Almighty has given the knowledge and wisdom directly to our Prophet (PBUH) and He has enlightened our Prophet with out brining any source in-between. It was a direct blessing bestowed upon our Prophet. Think for a while how complete and comprehensive that knowledge would be which is received directly from Allah. There is wisdom for those who profoundly study the words of Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) himself said “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate of the city”.
If you study observantly the life of Prophet (PBUH), you shall find him a role model for the entire humanity.
It is a food for thought that one needs 15 to16 years to gain worldly knowledge, but our Prophet (PBUH) received the divine injunctions and knowledge of wisdom for 23 years. Our Prophet (PBUH) got benefited from the knowledge which he received from Allah and in whose comprehensiveness there is no doubt. Our Prophet (PBUH) was not blessed with as many miracles as other messengers had yet he got superiority in knowledge and wisdom upon other messengers of God. The God Himself said about him “You Mohammad (PBUH) have been placed as the best of the virtuous”. The life of Prophet (PBUH) is the proof of that virtue.
In all the Holy books of the world his name and Prophet hood is mentioned with glory. Is this not sufficient for those who posses the divine books, than why they still refuse to accept his superiority and virtue. If Muslims have left the righteous path like many nations in the past than it does not mean that the Muslims should ridicule the messenger of other religions. Europeans themselves have gone very far from the true teachings of their religion and have forgotten the basic teachings of their religion to the extent that they have brought amendments in their religious book. But the Quran has the miraculous superiority that no body would bring any change in its original divine text. Quran is available in its true and original shape.
Due to the disinterest in their religion the Europeans do not care for the religious emotions of Muslims. Nevertheless, they have no right to play with the sentiments of the people of other religions. To resort to such activities is a heinous crime according to the UN charter which is mostly framed by the Europeans.
For Europeans nothing is more sacred than the freedom of expression and for Islamic world nothing is more sacred than not to hurt the sentiments of human beings. Freedom of expression does not mean to humiliate other sacred place, Holy Books and noble personalities.
Living in so called civilized era we do not claim to be most civilized omens but the fact remains that we have always had a great respect for the feelings of other people and we have never thought of playing with the sentiments of other nations. The biggest of all the sin is to kill the innocent emotions of others.
As it is said that civilized nation are more peaceful, they never try to touch the sensitive issues related to the far most human emotion for the sake of peace.