New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Reaction Regarding Indiscriminate Bombing of Women in Laghman”

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns with the strongest of terms and vows to avenge the deliberate indiscriminate and heartrending bombing of innocents carried out yesterday by the bestial American invading forces which left 8 women and 2 girls martyred as well as 38 other civilians including white bearded elders and juveniles wounded as they were out collecting fire wood from a mountain in Noor Laam Saeb area of Alingar district, Laghman province.

Our enemies have stooped to such a new low that they now even view our women as armed Mujahideen, bomb them with several tonne bombs and carry out mass murder. Such deliberate actions of American soldiers towards the lives of Afghans display their utter indifference and heartlessness and only serves to invalidate their claims of caring for civilians. Such painful tragedies against our innocent and oppressed nation began with the onset of the American invasion and have been ongoing for the past decade.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all Human Right organizations and especially Women organizations, who always advocate women rights, to not remain silent in face of such a heartrending event. This disgraceful action is an international war crime, the perpetrators of which should be prosecuted. We also call upon our nation to quickly take revenge against the invaders for the indiscriminate murder of our innocent sisters and send a message that your tyranny and violations are no more tolerable in our country. Our countrymen should understand that the barbaric American invaders also have hand in all those bombings and incidents which are carried out throughout the country to defame the Mujahideen and which the enemy propagates through its media without providing any substantiated proof.


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


27/06/1391     17/09/2012