New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "Shaykh Aboud Rogo’s Death: Embrace Change, Mujāhidīn"


In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Majengo (28/08/2012) – On 27 August 2012, our beloved Sheikh Aboud Rogo (May Allah accept him as a martyr) was murdered by the Kuffar as part of Kenya’s policy of extra-judicial killings against prominent Muslim activists. Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali and MYC condemn this act of barbarity against one of East Africa’s most respected Sheikhs and hold the Kenyan authorities responsible for this targeted assassination.
Sheikh Aboud Rogo embodied a shinning example of a true and pious Muslim: unwavering and steadfast in his determination to fight injustices against Muslims all over the world. As a popular and well-respected Sheikh, Aboud Rogo used his unique gift and knowledge of Islam to inspire and inform thousands of young Muslims all over East Africa. Undeniably, MYC and its members are part of the generation of Muslim youths that have been inspired by Sheikh Aboud Rogo’s vision of the Muslim Ummah in East Africa.
While the Kuffar has robbed MYC and the Muslims of Kenya of a great Muslim leader, we must remember that the Kuffar has also deprived the family of Sheikh Rogo of a loving father and husband. We ask that Allah comfort his family and ease their pain.
For those of us that worked with, and shared the same vision as Sheikh Rogo, we fully understand and accept the path we must now follow in the wake of his brutal murder. Today, after drying our tears we must begin a new journey of embracing change – a change that has been forced upon us by the Kuffar and one that our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab have graciously reminded us of in their solidarity with the Mujahideen in Kenya.
In his last lecture to MYC in May 2012 in Nairobi, Sheikh Rogo spoke of his readiness and wish to become a martyr for our religion. Yesterday, Allah granted Sheikh Rogo’s wish.
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