New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Clarification Regarding Agha Jan Motasim”

Agha Jan Mostasim was dismissed from his post by the leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the year 2010 for stepping over his bounds and for lacking transparency in his work. He currently does not hold any posts with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and neither can he represent the Islamic Emirate in any of his statements and actions.

It is purely his own personal choice that he in currently living in Turkey. The Islamic Emirate does not have any representation or hold an office in Turkey and neither are the travels of Agha Jan Motasim to Kabul and Ankara carried out under the guidance and permission of the leadership of Islamic Emirate.
While looking at the recent actions of Agha Jan Motasim, it can be noted that they are not of his choice but are dictates handed down from others. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly urges all media groups to avoid associating the said persons statements and views to the Islamic Emirate in the future but rather the official views and policies of Islamic Emirate are those that are affirmed by its known spokespersons.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
26/09/1433 A.H
24/04/1391     14/08/2012