New statement from the The Muslim Youth Center: "Persecution of Abdallah Kilume"


Mererani, (8/08/2012) – One week ago our brother and a pious Muslim was arrested in Maratib in Majengo by the Kufffar ATPU without any regard for Islam.  This brother is Abdallah Kilume who works at the Mosque.  According to an article in the Kuffar press Nation (, our brother “Dala” is a “terrorist” and planning to blow up Nairobi. This is yet another desperate attempt by the Kuffar ATPU to humiliate innocent Muslims. Anyone who knows “Dala” and who has worked with him knows that “Dala” is devout Muslim.
“Dala’s” crime has been like many of the rest of our brothers from Majengo: he is committed to Islam and wants to see Muslims live in dignity all over the world.  However, in Kenya a Christian country Muslim are forbidden to be devout Muslims.
In charging “Dala” the Kuffar has produce no evidence because there is no evidence to prove that “Dala” wants to blow up Nairobi. “Dala” until his illegal arrest was worker at the Mosque. Where is his connection to Afghanistan?  When did “Dala” go to Afghanistan? In short, the Kuffar ATPU have invented lies about “Dala” to humiliate not only his family but Muslims and the Mosque in Majengo. Like many of our brothers who have disappeared from Majengo (Musa Osodo; Duda Black; Duda Brown) , we know the Kuffar has asked fellow Muslims to point the finger at “terrorists”.  MYC rejects them as being terrorists but as devout Muslims.
It is very clear that the Kuffar ATPU is not content with illegally arresting devout Muslims like “Dala” but now wants to use the Kuffar press such as Nation to claim the Riyadh Mosque in Majengo is a terrorist Mosque. Their aim is to close down the Riyadh Mosque.  This will never happen, as Muslims will defend the right of this Mosque to exist.
As we have warned our brothers and sisters before, we are now living in a time that if you are a Muslim you are terrorist and criminal in the eyes of the Kuffar ATPU.  We urge our brothers to be prepared for a long war with the Kuffar government.  We also ask our brothers and sisters to support “Dala” in this test that Allah has put before him.  He will need your prayers and support.  We ask Allah to keep him firm.
Press Office