New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Qārī' Yusef Aḥmadī: "Reaction Regarding Yesterday’s Savagery in Uruzgan Province"

With green light from foreign forces and in continuation of its terrorism and criminal activity, the stooge regime’s Local Police indiscriminately shot and martyred more than 17 innocent and defenseless villagers yesterday from Matakzo and Saakaano areas of Shali Nawa region, Khas Uruzgan district.
Accounts collected from witnesses’ state: At the order of a barbaric notorious commander, Shuja’i, Local Police (Arbaki) forced people out of their homes in the mentioned areas and then mercilessly martyred them. Witnesses say that the Arbaki’s also arrested and took away several other villagers and their fate is not yet known, adding that the homes of villagers were looted in the process, their valuables, jewelry, cash and wrist watches stolen and 8 of their motorbikes burnt down.
Locals from the area say that the notorious Local Police commander (Shuja’i) carries out such crimes under the direction and protection of foreign forces. The said person has previously martyred and tortured innocent people on several occasions due to personal prejudice. He is personally being backed and armed with all types of new weaponry by the foreign forces.
It should be stated that at the hands of the stooge Karzai administration’s barbaric beasts (Local Police), innocent and defenseless villagers have been facing a volley of crimes intentionally and in broad daylight however the activists of so-called Human Rights and social justice have remained mum. No side has raised its voice for these oppressed martyrs and neither have they condemned this savagery perpetrated by Karzia’s beasts.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns such oppression and savagery of the Arbaki’s (Local Police). While sympathizing and showing its Islamic brotherhood with the victims of this inhumane incident, it reassures their families and relatives that with the help of Allah Almighty, it shall avenge the blood of every single martyr and shall quickly bring the invaders and their hirelings to justice, Allah willing.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi