New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Zabīhullah Mujāhid: "Remarks Regarding Michael Semple’s Alleged Interview with ‘Mawlawi’"

A number of western media outlets published a fatuous interview a few days ago with an alleged anonymous member of Islamic Emirate (Mawlawi). In it the said person (Mawlawi) basically states that he doesn’t believe in the divine help of Allah and that the Mujahideen surely cannot defeat the enemy.
Before everything else, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan categorically refutes this interview and deems it as nothing more than a shameful propaganda ploy of the deceitful flailing enemy. We have repeatedly demonstrated to our enemies for the past decade that the Mujahideen can do what could have never been imagined. Our struggle is not just a fight but a Jihad for a lofty sacred goal which has never been overcome in our fourteen hundred year history. If we keep steadfast onto our sacred goal then it is not far that we shall reach our destination. Our enemy should not comfort its moral lacking troops which such idle imaginary interviews. We have been practically tested for the past ten years and, Allah willing, can attain whatever that Allah has written for us. Our Mujahideen are as sure of their victory as our enemy of its impending defeat.
The Islamic Emirate has no official or person in its ranks under the title ‘Mawlawi’. Anyone even slightly aware of Afghan dialect clearly knows that ‘Mawlawi’ can never be a name rather ‘Mawlawi’ is a common phrase with which any Mullah can be called without any distinction.
Now that the international alliance headed by America is facing an ignominious and disgraceful defeat, it is trying to hide it with such ridiculous apologues. Sometimes they introduce a vegetable seller as a high ranking official of Islamic Emirate and try to solve the Afghan issue with him and sometimes an anonymous ‘Mawlawi’ as its important member and then publish such nonsense.
The beaten and moral lacking enemy must have also lost its mental stability for them to drivel such absurdity therefore the international media, in order to maintain in journalistic reputation, should avoid publishing such silliness of the mentally insane.
The Cultural Commission of Islamic Emirate once again calls on all the media outlets that any material related to the Islamic Emirate can only get its validity after the verification of its known spokespersons. Without their verification, any and all statements are the personal views of the speaker and are in no way related to the Islamic Emirate.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
 Zabihullah Mujahid
23/08/1433 A.H.         13/07/2012