New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "Designation of Kenyan Muslim Brothers"

Mererani (06/07/2012) – MYC in Kenya and in Somalia have been following closely the news reports in the Kuffar media that Sheikh Aboud Rogo, Sheikh Abubakar Shariff and our brother Omar Awadh Omar have been designated as “terrorists” by the Great Satan. We can confirm that these reports are accurate having visited The Great Satan’s website at:, which has listed three of Kenya’s brave Muslim lions as “terrorists”.
The decision of the Great Satan to designate our Muslims brothers comes as no surprise to MYC and our brothers in Al-Shabaab. As an integral part of the new AQEA, MYC views this as another failed attempt by the Great Satan to rescue the appalling efforts of Kenya in its hopeless counter-terrorism strategy and failing war on terror against Muslims. We further note that the Great Satan’s designation of our brothers is a an admission on their part that by whatever means they intend to humiliate Muslim activists in Kenya.
Sheikh Rogo and Sheikh Abubakar have dedicated their lives to confronting the injustices against Muslims around the world while our brother Omar Awadh has led a pious life as a true Muslim. Our brave Muslim brothers are now paying the price for being true Muslims. The strategy of humiliating Muslims in Kenya will not succeed. MYC in coalition with our brothers in Al-Shabaab under the banner of AQEA pledge to our brothers and sisters in East Africa and around the globe that we intend to keep confronting the Kuffar in East Africa until the Islamic flag is raised high in every capital.
We ask our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kenya and East Africa that at this crucial time in our struggle against the Kuffar, to remain strong, committed and focused. The price for being a true Muslim is never an easy task.  We ask for your prayers for Sheikh Rogo, Sheikh Abubakar and our brother Omar Awadh illegally detained in Uganda.
Press Office