New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Remarks Regarding the Statement of the Pakistani Ambassador in Kabul"

On Tuesday the 26/06/2012, some media outlets published excerpts from the interview of Pakistani ambassador in Kabul, Mr. Muhammad Saddiq, which he conducted with Reuters News Agency. The said person remarked in his interview that Pakistan gave permission to the Taliban to go to Qatar. We would like to once categorically state that the representatives of Islamic Emirate did not go to Qatar with the permission of Pakistan and maybe the mentioned ambassador does not have information regarding this matter.
The Islamic Emirate is completely free and independent in all of its affairs. It makes decisions of its own likings in all matters and affairs in light of Islamic principles and national interests. The preliminary and confidence-building talks done by the representatives of Islamic Emirate with those of United States of America in Qatar were initiated and then halted under the order of its leader.
The Islamic Emirate urges all related parties to make truthful comments regarding concerned affairs.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan