Kavkaz Center presents a new video message from the Amīr of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: “Answers To Questions”

UPDATE 5/19/12 2:54 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Russian video message:

The Muslims of Chechnya, of the Caucasus and those around the world who are following the events in the Caucasus welcomed with great satisfaction the news that the Fitnah between the Mujahideen, which lasted nearly a year, was over.

However, the opponents of the Caucasus Emirate, both in Russia and the West, keep trying to sow discord among the Mujahideen. Muslims are interested in [your] evaluation of these events, the prospects for Jihad in the Caucasus, and the reaction to the enemies’ attempts to sow discord between the Mujahideen.
Amir Dokku Abu Usman:Before answering this question, I want to remind you a Hadith which says that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked Allah three things: First, that his Ummah should not endure the punishment that has befallen upon the Ummah of the previous Prophets, secondly, that the Ummah would never be conquered and destroyed by foreign enemies – that one too, received a positive answer. But to the third request of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) – that his Ummah should not fall into Fitnah (temptation, controversy – KC) – Allah did not answered. (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, 6904, also in Sahih Bukhari).
So we know that our Ummah has always suffered from Fitnah. I can not say that the Fitnah that has occurred in the Caucasus was so important on the scale of the Islamic Ummah and the Mujahideen around the world, but it was quite painful for Muslims and Mujahideen of the Caucasus.
Praise be to Allah, with Allah’s help we have passed this stage – this Fitnah – without bloodshed, without losses, we came out of it smarter, and praise be to Allah, none of the parties overstepped that line of no return. Al-HamduliLlah, let us give praise to the Almighty for that.
We also know that for us Muslims, when we disagree, there is the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) with the help of which it is ordered to settle our disputes. Therefore, we, as true Muslims, as true Mujahideen, turned to this commandment, and the Qur’an and the Sunnah have judged our misunderstandings.
The Ulama, scholars of Islam, have judged Insha’Allah, with Allah’s help. We have passed this stage, based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and we greatly gladden for that.


Therefore, the reaction of the enemies – who wanted so much that the Mujahideen of the Caucasus, of Wilayah Nokhchicho split – was negative, as their trick did not worked. Insha’Allah, in the future we will make sure that none of these disagreements [remain] between us by our fault, because the Muslims and the Islamic Ummah could suffer from that.

Could you tell us the names of the commanders, who have now renewed their Bayah, out of those who came out of it last year? What is their status today?
The enemies of the Caucasus Emirate are still trying to use different [commanders’] names for their manipulations, their speculations.
We have access to the media, we also listen to the radio, we even browse the internet and see that the enemies of Islam can not settle down. The enemies of the Caucasus Mujahideen inflate this Fitnah, using the names of some of the Mujahideen who were not seen at the Majlis, during which Bayah were renewed (In June 2011).
I want to frustrate these journalists, these professionals, these analysts. All the Amirs have renewed their Bayah.
Their presence during the general meeting was not compulsory. Today we face difficulties, so we were not able to come together to show it, but Al-HamduliLlah, all the Amirs have renewed their Bayah and have come back under the common oath.
Therefore, it is worthless to devise and exaggerate the gossips around the names of the Mujahideen, because there is no ground for that.
As it is well known, since the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate, some former members of the former government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria made a charge to your address, saying that you allegedly received $500 million from Russia’s FSB for proclaiming the CE.

In this regard – as often the name of Movladi Udugov is mentioned, and you as well for that matter – have been accused of having your children supposedly attend the best universities abroad and not being involved in Jihad. How do you comment on these speculations?
Amir Dokku Abu Usman (Ironically): We know well what is $500 million. This is half a billion. We also know that today the current situation in the Caucasus does not require such a large sum (he smiles).


I can give you a small example, from reliable sources, from our Mujahideen, who were held captive by the FSB, in the infidels’ torture chambers. They told us that they were asked to sign on, to cooperate with them, and when they got on their mission, their first task was to kill Udugov.


The price determined by the FSB for Udugov’s head is $500 thousands, so I want to ask those who spread these rumours – first they gave [me] $500 million, and then they give $500 thousand to kill Udugov or anyone else.


We also know now that they have put $5 million on my head. Then the question arises, why give $500 million and then give a such a measly sum to try to destroy us?


I do not want to mention the name of the person who propagated this Fitnah, I do not want to name the voice behind these rumours, but we know that this person obviously takes anyone who listens to him and believes him, for fools. But he is rather an idiot himself if he believes his words, and spread these rumours.


Udugov did not took part in the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate. The Caucasus Emirate was proclaimed by me, it had been agreed at the time by the Qadi of the Caucasus (In Islam, the Qadi judges everything in conformity with Sharia – KC) Seyfullah Kabardinskiy (Anzor Astemirov – KC).
So, the accusation that we have received $500 million [for it], is a gossip for idiots.

And the fact that they say that my children are studying in top universities abroad, it is also a gossip from the same horn, from the same category.

My eldest son is not 10 years old. Insha’Allah, when they become adults, we will call upon them to Jihad, and the university education they will receive, will be – Insha’Allah – in Jihad. Gossipers spread rumours, they hear rumours, but they do not know where he is (his son). Right now, you can check the official data on how old my children are (1).
What is the general situation at the fronts of the Caucasian Jihad? How do you assess the prospects of the Caucasus Emirate?
Amir Dokku Abu Usman: The peak of Russia’s financial might was from 2010 – 2011. Now, Insha’Allah, there is a recession. We know that Jihad depends on finances. We also know that the Jihad in the Caucasus has raised its price, and all around us there are no Islamic states, which would help us, so it is doubly hard to wage Jihad in the Caucasus, where we are completely surrounded by the infidels.

But Al-HamduliLlah, I am glad the situation that has developed to date. I thought the most important task for myself was to keep the Jihad in the Caucasus, and we have – with Allah’s help, with the help of fellow Mujahideen, who have rallied around us today in the Caucasus, with the help of Allah, Insha’Allah – kept this Jihad.


The changes that take place in the world, will directly affect the Caucasus, by the will of Allah.
We are always prepared to accept Mujahideen who are ready to set out for Jihad, for the sake of making supreme the word of Allah. We – linked like a chain – are the ones who passes down this flag, the banner of Jihad, to the next generation.
Al-HamduliLlah we saved it, Al-HamduliLlah today’s youth struggle against vice, for Islamic values. They grow and support this Jihad, and are prepared to stand in the ranks of the Mujahideen at the first call. This made me very happy, Insha’Allah.
And today there is a lull (in fighting), as this is evident. Yes, we are tired, yes we suffered heavy casualties, but Al-HamduliLlah, with the help of Allah we will not stop, Insha’Allah. There will be results, the results will be seen in the spring offensive.


As you know, the United States have put the CE on their so-called “black list”, and have announced a bounty of 5 million dollars on you personally.

What is your assessment of the United States’ open hostility with respect to the CE and the Muslims of the Caucasus? What do you think motivated them to do this? What is the purpose of the Americans?
Amir Dokku Abu Usman: If we look at the 11th and 12th verses of the Surat Baqara of the Holy Qur’an, we read in them that the oppressors, in fact, consider themselves the masters of the world and that they say they need to set the world order.


I believe that the United States is among these oppressors. They believe that they have the right to declare whoever they want a terrorist, and they can offer a bounty for whoever they want, since they consider themselves the masters of the world. But this issue has two aspects – which I can see – to it.


The first – The Americans and those like them understand that there is unity between the Mujahideen in the Caucasus and that the Mujahideen will be under a unified command, that they will perform Jihad for the sake of making supreme the word of Allah. So, the Americans send a message to the Mujahideen who have fallen into the Fitnah.


So then, they declare that your Amir is a “terrorist” and, also, the Caucasus Emirate has been declared a “terrorist organization.” If you want to be legitimate and if you want support, you shall not ally with him.


But, Al-HamduliLlah, this message to the Mujahideen fell on deaf ears, Al-HamduliLlah, the Mujahideen all stood under the flag of the Caucasus Emirate, all stood by the Bayah to Abu Usman. Al-HamduliLlah, their plot did not develop.


The second aspect – We know that they, the Kremlin oppressors, will make any concession to achieve their goals and the Americans, knowing their sickness, make a little present to Moscow for which they (the Russians) will pay, or have paid, a huge price. What price, I don’t know, for I am not interested.


So, I think it is for those two reasons that the Americans took this step, maybe for Russia, maybe for their own interests. But, it makes no difference to me. Al-HamduliLah, now, I am the enemy of all of the enemies of Allah.


What message you would like to convey to the Mujahideen of the Caucasus and the Muslim Ummah?


Amir Dokku Abu Usman:To the Mujahideen of the Caucasus and around the world, I address them with an appeal to keep their feet fixed on the path of Jihad.


Allah has blessed us with Jihad. Praise Allah that today we are Mujahideen and that today we are part of the Mujahideen Army, which goes to Jihad for the sake of making supreme the word of Allah.
By Allah, there is no other mission that is more honourable for us in this world. Allah blessed us with His mercy and we must show our appreciation to Almighty Allah.
Today, Jihad is Fard-ayn (obligatory) for every Muslim, as the Islamic Ummah is now going through a very though time. Anyone who does not partake in Jihad today is in danger of being in a very tough position on the Day of Judgment.
Al-HamduliLlah, we should be proud that today we are able to see Jihad, we need to strengthen our Imaan, our faith in Allah, fear Allah Subhana wa ta’ala, and make Dua’a for our entire Ummah, make Dua’a for each other and worry for each other.
I also want address the Mujahideen of the Caucasus. We are at a new year, 1433 Hijri year. Another year of Jihad has gone by, many of our Mujahideen brothers were martyred (Insha’Allah).
May Allah accept their martyrdom. We hope that Allah will unite us with them, and that we all will enter in the gardens of Paradise.
Al-HamdulilLah, we know, many of them were close to us and we feel the loss of our brothers. But, Allah knows best, Allah has called them to Himself.
We do not know how we will reach our end. We make Dua’a, praying to Allah that our end will be just as dignifying of an end as that of our brothers and that we will all enter in the gardens of Paradise, Insha’Allah.
And glory be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Translated by Abu Waqas al-Muhajir, may Allah (swt) reaward him, for the Kavkaz-Jihad blog. Based on the KC transcript.


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