New video message from Boko Haram’s (Jamā’at Ahl al-Sunnah li Da’wah wa-l-Jihād) Amīr Imām Abū Bakr Shekau: “We Are Coming To Get You Jonathan”

UPDATE: 4/13/12 8:21 AM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic video message:

Oh you people, oh you people. I want you all to listen to me carefully; listen to this servant of God who has no other duty to pursue on earth except the propagation and the fighting on the cause of Allah.

We want to respond to the laughable pronouncement of President Jonathan  that we will be defeated within the next three months.

We have listened to his proclamation and understand that nobody talks like this except one that has stayed off the path of his divine creator.

But he should know that we have given the assurance and have committed faith in God that nothing can be done to subdue us. With all glory to God, our divine desire is that all of us should be killed as martyrs on the path of God, so as to enable us be blessed with the rewards of Allah as promised in His holy book, Al Qur’an.

This is the only mission before us, and we have prayed that Allah should purify our minds with faith and strengthen our minds on His cause. We have sworn and we are telling you Jonathan that there is nothing that you can do to stop us. Those that have preceded you in that office have not been able to do anything to us even though they have bragged as you are doing now – since the eras of King Pharaoh and those that came before Pharaoh up till the present time; if you see a person not walking on the path of God, you will always hear such making empty threats. But for us we have nothing but the worship and the trusting in God almighty; Allah is enough as our protector.

We also want people to understand that we have no intention in killing any one or maiming people indiscriminately; there may be some persons or group of persons that are going after people terrorising them or extorting them under our revered umbrella or name, but we want to tell the world that we are not with those people and we don’t know them.

People may not really understand or differentiate us with those people, but there will certainly be a day when God will make things clear for the whole world to understand where we stand. To those that we kill, it has been established that they have constituted themselves as affront to the cause of God. This is a message we have for the world and especially those that have been making empty threats about us.

We will not bother ourselves engaging in too many talks, neither are we going to worry about the talks of the people, except on issue that will be of benefit to the people. We pray Allah to continue to support us on this mission and make us to continue in this mission with no purpose other than His worship.

We have prayed that God should give us the privilege of being amongst those killed in the path of the struggle for the establishment of His dominion.

You people of Government and security agencies are busy boasting and priding yourselves with the killings and attacks on us …(quoting some qur’anic verses) How we wish that Muslim faithful will sit down and ponder over the Quranic verses, he will understand any time that an unbeliever catches one or kills one, he will definitely laugh at the follies of such unbeliever. God has said that it won’t take a longer period for such persecution to last; so don’t be discouraged, and don’t be disheartened with what you are facing in this movement, because you the believers and the exalted ones. I want the world to know that even if I was trampled upon, with my head pressed to the ground and people are beating are mobbing me, I still remain the exalted in the sight of Allah; If I am but a sincere believer. Even if we were maimed or injured on this mission, Allah has said it that many who fought similar religious holy wars may have suffered worst persecution.

In this movement God has said that if will 1000 people today, and by tomorrow they come to kill a hundred from amongst us, Allah has said that He is the one allowing it to test our faith in Him, so that those that have professed faith in God will be able to know who from amongst them are truly the sincere believers. It is from all these arrests and killings of our people that we have witnessed in the recent times, we will be able to know those who are of weak faith and those that are the true believers in Allah.





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