al-Katāi’b Media presents a new statement: “Congratulations to the Islamic Ummah on the Occasion of the Ba’yat [Between al-Qā’idah and Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn]”

UPDATE 2/23/12 4:19 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic statement:

As-Sahab Media have conveyed a few days ago a glad tiding to the Islamic Ummah, which the glad tiding of Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen giving Bayaa to Qaedat Al-Jihad, to declare after that that the mujahidin in Somalia have joined their brothers in Qaedat Al-Jihad organization to be one army that fights for the sake of Allah, and to make the word of Allah the highest. The prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: ‘The one who fights so that Word of Allah be exalted, is the one who fights in the Cause of Allah’.

The Bayaa have come in a time when the Islamic Ummah is in desperate need for unity, community and unification of the forces for the sake of rising in the face of the enemies of Allah who have united in their goal and are lurking towards Islam from all directions.

And since unity is a required matter and Islam have encouraged it and made it from the reasons that make Allah loves the slave, the Almighty says: (Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall) 4 Surah As-Saff. Your brothers in Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen raced to this image which is loved by Allah for the believers and is hated by the Kuffar, for the sake of strengthening the power of the Muslims and to hold their ranks together and liberate the occupied lands and retrieve the plundered rights and the establishment of a righteous Islamic Khilafah on the approach of the prophecy.

We in this place send special thanks to our Amir, sheikh Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri may Allah preserve him, for his efforts in uniting the armies of the Ummah under one banner, so may Allah reward him for the Ummah of Islam all the goodness, and write the reward for him, and give him victory over his enemies, and bless for him and his brothers the mujahidin in everywhere this Bayaa, and ask Allah for this year to be the year of the community for all the other mujahid groups to fight in the army of the Ummah under one banner.

Here are with the grace of Allah Almighty ten Islamic Wilayat with its people, Amirs, soldiers and all its civil and military institutions which extend on most of southern Somalia under one Emirate of our sheikh Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri may Allah preserve him and pave the way for the blessed Khilafah.

So congratulations to you O’ Ummah of Islam and have glad tiding of a new dawn, when your sons will unit and fight for the sake of Allah everywhere like a firm and compact wall, and be prepared because the time of oppression will go and it will be replaced by light, goodness and justice, though the unbelievers may be averse.

Also we cannot fail to remind the sons of our beloved Islamic Ummah, that the only way of salvation from the enemies of Allah and their control and oppression in our time is by jihad for the sake of Allah, it is the most profitable trade and the shortest way to Jannah, it’s the way of pride and success, so the ranks have united and it has been called for ‘Come to jihad’, so why stay behind, the Almighty says: (not alike among you are those who spent before the victory and fought (and those who did not): they are more exalted in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards; and Allah has promised good to all; and Allah is Aware of what you do) 10 Surah Al-Hadid.

The stage which the Ummah is passing through now require from every Muslim individual to be aware of its essence and realize his role in its consistency and steadfast, and work hard to support the Jihadi work and spend his money and soul until this believing group triumphs and the word of Allah the highest.

And we say to our brothers the mujahidin in Qaedat Al-Jihad wherever they are and where they exist, (O you who believe! be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, that you may be successful) 200 Surah Aal-e-Imran, and we are continuing with you on the pledge until Allah gives us victory and wipe out the Kuffar.

As for you enemies of Islam, the sword is between us and you so wait from us what you hate and breaks your hopes, return to our glorious history maybe you get a lesson from it, Allah Almighty says: (Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers those before them, and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me; and whoever is ungrateful after this, these it is who are the. Transgressors) 55 Surah An-Noor.

Office of Policy and Wilayat

Issued by Al-Kataib Media

Rabi’ al-awwal 1433 A.H. corresponding November 2012

Don’t forget your brothers the mujahidin in your Dua



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