New statement from Anṣārullah: "On the Recent Video Showing the Desecration of Taliban Bodies by U.S. Marines"

Yet another video of US troops carrying out inhuman and barbaric acts against Muslims has recently been leaked. This time, four U.S. Marines are shown urinating on the bodies of martyred Taliban Mujahideen while making flippant remarks. Of course, the American authorities will once again hand out the lightest of punishments to the perpetrators while calling this an isolated incident, despite the fact that such atrocities have been witnessed under the command of U.S forces time and time again, from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to Abu Ghuraib Prison in Iraq. And these are just the incidents that have been exposed… our Mujahideen brothers talk of many more atrocities committed by these filthy animals on a regular basis in the Muslim countries they have invaded and occupied.
This sort of behavior is to be expected from such a depraved and morally bankrupt nation, but what is even more sad is the response of the so-called “leaders and representatives of U.S. Muslims” such as the Council of American-Islamic Relations (Cair), which said, “It’s a disgusting, immoral video. Something that no military would be proud of and I think the least of which would be the American military.” So they mean to say that the American military is actually a dignified, morally sound entity? The same American military that has invaded so many Muslim countries under false pretexts, that kills innocent Muslim men, women and children daily in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, which desecrates the Quran, which rapes our mothers and sisters and carries out indiscriminate bombings against the Muslim masses? But since Cair is the same “Islamic” organization that has said that it is allowed for Muslims to serve in the kuffar U.S. military, and which praised the martyrdom of our beloved Sheikh Usama bin Laden at the hands of these dogs, their position on this issue would seem to be in line with their distorted and deviant views.
Oh Muslims, wake up before it is too late. The war is coming into your homes, and you will be forced to choose a side sooner or later, whether you like it or not. So why not join the ranks of those to whom Allah has promised success in the Hereafter, and an eventual victory in dunya? The filthy Americans and their allies have shown that their war is a war against Islam and Muslims. If incidents such as these are not enough to rouse you out of your slumber, to shake you to your core and make you want to come to the aid of your Mujahideen brothers who are the vanguard of the Ummah and the ones preventing the kuffar from reaching into your homes, then ask yourself whether you are of those about whom Allah the Exalted says, “… Say: “You believe not but you only say, ‘We have surrendered (in Islam),’ for Faith has not yet entered your hearts… ”
May Allah never make us like such people, and may He grant us the tawfeeq to join the ranks of those who are truly serving the cause of the deen in the way that is most pleasing to Him. Ameen.