New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Ongoing Situation in Afghanistan"

It is well known to the Mujahid nation of Afghanistan that the Islamic Emirate has been engaged in a struggle and Jihad for the past one and a half decade to establish an Islamic government in accordance with the request of its people. It is for this purpose and for bringing about peace and stability in Afghanistan that we have increased our political efforts to come to mutual understanding with the world in order to solve the current ongoing situation. But this understanding does not mean a surrender from Jihad and neither is it connected to an acceptance of the constitution of the stooge Kabul administration but rather the Islamic Emirate is utilizing its political wing alongside its military presence and Jihad in order to realize the national and Islamic aspirations of the nation and its martyrs.
We must say that some sources and reports of media outlets often try to distort realities. For this reason we would like to ask all the officials of the media outlets to work within the framework of unbiased journalistic ethics, avoid circulating baseless and one-sided reports and only publish that which is confirmed by relevant sources. Similarly, if it is a report about Islamic Emirate then it should be forwarded to the relevant office for confirmation so it can reach the Afghan Mujahid nation and others in an authentic form. Wasalam.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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