New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Americans Must Substantially Recompense Iraq for Nine Years of Occupation!!"

NOTE: Vieled message of what the Ṭālibān expects from the US after it leaves Afghanistan, too?

On the 15th of December 2011, America announced that it officially ended its nine year occupation of Iraq by withdrawing its troops and handing the country over to Iraqis.
There is heavy skepticism and doubt surrounding the extent of honestly of America regarding its statement because American sources also announced that there will still be some seventeen thousand US nationals (bigger than any single military division) remaining behind under the name of diplomats, security officials, experts of oil refineries and contractors!! However there isn’t any doubt that a large part of the American occupation has left Iraq and the last of its military convoy also exited the other day but rather the important question which needs an answer is: to what state and condition have the Iraqi people been left behind to?
It is clear that the American invaders left behind Iraq in a condition in which the country’s treasury, historical artifacts and infrastructure has been looted and destroyed; its high rise commercial and political buildings turned to rubble; its green areas and parks turned into junkyards; its roads and bridges pock-marked with craters and on top of this, one hundred and fifty thousand innocent Iraqi’s have been murdered and around one million Iraqi’s have been displaced whereas its resource rich wealthy people have been thrown into a ditch of poverty and destitution.
It is an open secret that America made baseless excuses to occupy Iraq so it can control its rich mineral resources and fill its belly with oil. To attain its objective, America (in its own words) spent about one trillion dollars and sacrificed 5000 of its soldiers but it was the will of Allah Almighty that in this Muslim country, the neck of imperialism would be broken, its plots and determination made fruitless and it would be forced to flee empty handed in the end.
The 9 year violation of Iraq by America disclosed to the Muslim Ummah (Nation) that this notorious criminal did not give Iraqi’s anything other then killings, destruction, plunder and poverty. On top of this, it ruined the nation’s unity; created and dispersed sects under the names of nationalism and faith; conjured fire and enmity under the disguise of Shia, Sunni, Arab and Kurd and then left all of it behind.
So what is needed now is that America be asked to provide justification and explanation for its violation of an Islamic country’s sanctity and sanctums, taking of its people hostage for 9 years, causing billions of dollars worth of damages, liquidating its military and political strength and for killing and maiming about half a million Iraqi’s!!?
The nations of the world must put pressure on the United Nations and other international organizations to drag and put on trial those perpetrators of the American administration who had a role in burning the Iraqi people in the flames of gunpowder for nearly a decade under false pretexts. It is the due right of the Iraqi people to expose the American authority and to ask for a heavy compensation for causing the catastrophic destruction of Iraq.