New statement from Zabīhullah Mujāhid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Resolutions Adopted in Kabul by the Supposed Loya Jirga"

As we have stated before that in this so called Loya Jirga there were no genuine representatives of the freedom loving people of Afghanistan who would consider the interests of our nation and our Islamic values but rather all the participants
were either current governmental officials like ministers, governors, district chiefs, judges and other officials or those faces who had been supporting the invaders for the past ten years and had repeatedly participated in such futile Jirgas. As it was a complete military atmosphere in which they were surrounded by tens of security belts manned by thousands of foreign troops and their mercenary forces so to protect them from the wrath of the Afghan Mujahid nation, it was endorsed with a few superficial and misleading conditions that the occupying America, which has come to our country with hundreds of thousands of troops and with the force and use of different types of weapons and which has for the past ten years raided the homes of Afghans, martyred their relatives or have thrown them in their inhumane prisons, razed their homes and orchards and are still continuing their tyranny on a daily bases an example of which is the beheading of 4 family members a few days ago in Kandahar’s Ghorak area during one of their raids; this barbaric army must stay for at least another decade!?
We believe that these resolutions were predetermined by America and the name of Loya Jirga was only used to declare its intentions. Therefore, these resolutions will be a catalyst for stirring regional sensitivities and will make misfortunate Afghanistan a center of tumult for a long period, evoking extra wrath and anger of our nation which will enkindle the strongholds of Jihad. So this step can be considered reinforcement for the need and intensification of the Jihadi process which will play an important factor in the further awakening of our nation where it can be confidently said that it will bring about the end date of the American affliction even closer, if Allah wills it. And those people who are perpetrators of this irresponsible resolution have further shown their enslaved faces to the nation and made it clear that they do not consider any Islamic or national principles in order to please their whims and they were and are ready to sell the glory, honor, dignity and purity of this nation to satisfy their desires. These kinds of people have always been rejected by our nation and are considered as the notorious faces of history.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, besides strongly condemning and rejecting such agreements wants to reassure its nation that such steps by the invaders and the guile and deception of its slaves will never become an obstacle for the Jihad waged by the nations real sons. They should further recognize the face of the foreign and internal enemy and unabatedly continue their sacred Jihad until the complete independence of the country so that the foreign enemy along with their slaves face a complete and ignominious defeat due to its strikes and take such ominous plans and aspirations along with themselves to their graves.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan sees the fundamental solution to this problem in the removal of all foreign troops. Until this fundamental is recognized, this and other Jirags and conferences will only negatively impact Afghanistan, America and the coalition and will intertwine the crisis instead of pushing it towards a solution and it will yield nothing except time wasting.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate
Zabihullah Mujahid