New statement from Abū Bakār Ba’asyir: “Follow Millat ʾIbrāhīm, Strengthen al-Walā’ wa-l-Barā'”

NOTE: This comes from his prison cell.


This ‘Eidul Adha is closely related with the Qurban in the history of Prophet Ibrahim ‘alaihissalam. This ‘Eidul Adhaemphasizes to us the command to follow the Millah Ibrahim as He says :

“Then We revealed to you, [O Muhammad], to follow the Millah of Ibrahim, a hanif…” (Qs. An-Nahl 123).

What is Millah Ibrahim? These two words are usually translated into the Religion of Ibrahim. The true meaning is,Millah Ibrahim is the attitude of Nabiyullah in having the religion, namely: al-wala and al-baro. We were asked to follow these two principles.


The technical term of the Wala’ of Prophet Ibrahim is a loyalty that is steady. So if it is steady, there is no more thought and calculation of the world. As long as there is ability, it must be practiced!

First example, when Prophet Ibrahim married for the second time and then was granted with the first child, Ismail.

When his son was born, Prophet Ibrahim was commanded by Allah so that he leave the mother (her wife Hajar – ed.) along with her small child in the desert. According to common sense, Ismail would have surely died because there was no water nor vegetation in the desert. To be thought over with the mind would make one stressed. But Prophet Ibrahim was “sami’na wa atho’na” (we hear and we obey).

When that of her son was in thirst, she was running here and there to look for water, that’s what become the ibaadahof sa’i. In the end, with the movement of the feet of Prophet Ismail, there appeared what now becomes the sources of the Zamzam well and it became a prosperous place, many people came to visit there until it turned into Masjidil Haram to these days.

That was the wala’ of Prophet Ibrahim. Although according to calculations when the command was given, death was imminent. But due to the command of Allah, then with thesami’na wa atho’na there should be no consideration of any kind as long as there is capability.

A second example, when Ismail grew up, he helped his father building the Ka’bah. Imagine, a father who was already old and only had one child, a very attractive child, going to become a Prophet, but the command of Allah came down: “Slaughter you son..!”

If thought over with the common sense, he could be sressed for the second time. But Prophet Ibrahim had an attitude of being submissive to the command of Allah, sami’na wa atho’na.

Then, he said to his son, “O my child, I am receiving this command, I am commanded to slaughter you.”

What did Ismail say? “Do it O my father, I will be patient.”This is the wala’ that must be emulated by the Muslims which has its connection with the ‘Eidul Adha.

So if we already hear the command of Allah or the law of Allah, so our attitude must be “sami’na wa atho’na.” Let there be no reconsideration of any kind, because the law of Allah has to be the best. If we are able, we must do it, but if we are unable, yes, just do to the best of our ability.


The baro’ of Prophet Ibrahim is clearly recorded in surah Al-Mumtahanah verse 4:

“There has already been for you an excellent pattern in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people, “Indeed, we are disassociated from you and from whatever you worship other than Allah . We have denied you, and there has appeared between us and you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone…”

The principle is, all that is contrary to Islam must be rejected! No reconsideration of any kind, the reconsideration is only whether we are able or not, but the principle is, it is rejected!

This principle of Millah Ibrahim, if we want to practice now, the wala’ of the Islamic ummah is that they must hold firmly the law of Islam, and reject any other beside it. Whereas, the practice of its baro’ is rejecting the Pancasilastate!

This is the consequence of following the Millah Ibrahim. The country of the Muslims must be an Islamic State, fullstop! For that, there is no need to negotiate with the kafir. If you want, let’s join us, if not, please leave! This had been practiced by the Islamic ummah in India before, resulting in the separation that became Pakistan.

Therefore, if the Islamic ummah want to make sense of their lives with the true ‘Eidul Adha, they must follow the MillahIbrahim i.e. hold firm the Shari’ah without the judgement of the kafir, then the state must be based on Islam one hundred percent. This is a fixed price, there is no bargaining. Whoever wants to accept the Pancasila state, the ruling is that he is mushrik, or even murtad!

The country of the Islamic ummah must be ab Islamic State, this is a fixed price. Just as we are acknowledging thekalimah of Laa ilaha illallah (there is no god except Allah), is it not a fixed price? It should not be tweaked and twitched. We cannot force the kafir, although their belief is wrong, we can give advice but we cannot force. We ourselves cannot be forced, the country must be Islamic because that is the requirement of tawheed, not a political issue. This is important, that’s the conclusion.