New statement from the Kavkaz-Jihād Blog: "One Year of Work"

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, his compagnons and those who followed him until the Day of Jugement.
Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, this day marks the first year of activity of our blog dedicated to the struggle of Caucasian Muslims for Islam and Freedom. By the grace of Allah (swt) we have been able to increase our activity thanks to our contributors, may Allah (swt) reward them. We saw with satisfaction our work being quoted, reposted and translated in other languages. Be assured that we do our best to increase the quality of our work and we ask Allah (swt) to assist us in this task.
The number of our readers is slowly but steadily growing, however, and with honesty, it remains fairly low. But it is not that important. We are realistic, we understand that simple words only can hardly improve the situation or even raise awareness about it. However we hope that, Insha’Allah, our modest contribution helped some people, Muslims or not, to partly understand the nature of the war in the North Caucasus. Or at least, that it helped people to remember this small piece of earth and the blood being shed on it on daily basis…
If Allah (swt) allows it, we plan to expand our activities in the comming year. But this cannot be made without help. So currently, we are especially looking for translators from Chechen to English and from Russian to English. If you are interrested you can contact us at kavkaz.jihad(at) On the other hand, we are open to critics and suggestions to improve the quality of our work. We invite you not only to read but to share your opinions by commenting or by participating in the polls (check on the right of this page).
We Insha’Allah, will continue to work for the benefit of our readers as long as Allah (swt) allows us to do so.
In the end, we ask Allah (swt) to accept our efforts and our work on His path and we ask Him forgiveness for our mistakes.
The Kavkaz-Jihad English blog staff.