New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "May the Almighty Accept in His Sight your Fast and Congratulations on 'Īd"

NOTE: Last week, the Amīr of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullā Muḥmmad ‘Umar (Mullah Mohammad Omar) released a statement regarding ‘Īd as well, which you can read here: “Message Of Felicitation on the Occasion of ‘Īd al-Fiṭr.”

The Muslims performed worship of fasting in the month of Ramadan with dignity, humility and elation of belief as per the injunction of their Lord, the Most Merciful. They completed a cycle of one of the best, precious time and auspicious moments where they were being favored with innumerous blessings by their Lord every coming moment. Many were servants of God and those who observed the fast that they became entitled to receive forgiveness, mercy and salvation from the fire of hell in accordance with Divine discretion and bestowal.
The Afghan Muslim and Mujahid people passed the auspicious month of Ramadan in a particular order that, on one hand, they were fasting and, on the other hand, they were holding in their hands the sword (for the protection of ) the religion of Allah. Thus they were keeping the fronts of both obligations (Ramadan and Jihad) engaged and full of essence.
The Americans martyred and wounded tens of common people and have caused them severe financial losses as a result of aerial bombardments and (night) raids during Ramadan. Casualties of the common people in Nad Ali district of Helmand province, Domanda district of Khost province, Narang district of Kunar province, Khogyani and Gilan districts of Ghazni province and Sheikhabad neighborhood of Wardak province are clear evidences that even the invaders have accepted the responsibility or common people took to the streets in reaction to the invaders’ brutality. The Afghans did not leave the field of Jihad and battle even for a while because they believe that in the niche of the history of Islamic Ummah, the month of Ramadan has gone down as a period of the first battle between the truth and Falsehood. i.e. the Battle of Badre, one of   the first expeditions of Islamic history, took place on 17th of Ramadan, the second Hijri year.
The Afghan fighters dealt a jaw-breaking blow at the invaders under the leadership of America in this Ramadan, inflicting heavy material and life losses on them. This sent streaks of pangs and grief all over America, particularly, the downing of Chinook helicopter by Mujahideen in Wardak province which resulted in the fatality of 31 American commandos borne in on the Westerners, for the first time, that the war of Afghanistan has paralyzed the war machine of America. Moreover, the Taliban have proved their ascendancy in the battle with American forces.
Observers believe, the prominent victories of Mujahideen and the heavy casualties of American invaders in the blessed month of Ramadan is, undoubtedly, a symbol of Divine blessing and favor. It is but a replica of the historical Jihadi epic that the holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) achieved in the battle with the polytheists of Makkah in the blessed month of Ramadan when the Almighty Allah (SwT) foisted final defeat on the polytheists.
Similarly, the message of felicitation of the esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah protect him) on the occasion of the completion of the month of the fasting and the advent of Eidul-fitre which was directed to the Mujahideen, is certainly a comprehensive message, touching on the latest Jihadic triumphs; on withdrawal of limited contingents of American troops; on establishment of American permanent basis; on future of the country and on negotiation. The Message also contains instructions for Mujahideen and some other vital matters. As such, it was vastly reflected in media at world level and the Afghans whole- heartedly commended its contents. In brief, it augmented the spirit and Islamic emotions of all.
The message has unambiguously assessed the realities and developments ( of the country) and expressed its opinion regarding essential issues. The establishment of American permanent bases, negotiation and the future system of government, has been elucidated in clear terms. It has answered the propaganda and misleading accusations of some self-interested circles who frequently try to confuse the Afghan public opinion. In a part of the message, this issue is dealt with as under:
“Our manifesto is that Afghanistan should have a real Islamic regime which is acceptable to all people of the country. All ethnicities will have participation in the regime and portfolios will be dispensed on the basis of merits; will maintain good relations with regional and world countries on the basis of mutual respect and Islamic and national interests. Such dispensation will entirely focus on conduits to recover the spiritual and material losses that have been caused by the three decades-long war.”
“Limited withdrawal of the invading forces can in no way solve the issue of Afghanistan. The Jihad will continue unabatedly, because superficial measures further complicate the issue of Afghanistan and can produce harmful consequences. The invading forces should seek a lasting and convincing solution to the issue by immediately withdrawing their forces.”
“The Afghan nation is not ready to accept establishment of American permanent bases here. The Afghans consider military presence of the invaders whether it is in a greater size or a smaller, as a foreign occupation.”
“The Islamic Emirate considers the presence of the foreign invading troops in the country, their blind-bombardment, night raids, their brutalities; tortures and tyranny as the main cause of the current imbroglio in the country. The issue would come to an end when the said brutalities are meted out. Similarly, IE considers establishment of an independent Islamic regime as a conducive mechanism for sustainability of religious and worldly interests of the country and the countrymen. For this purpose, every legitimate option can be considered in order to reach this goal.”
We believe if the Americans and the Western countries carefully go through the message of felicitation of the esteemed Amir-ul-momineen and shun to look at it from an angle of stubbornness and arrogance, they will find in it some useful advices and ways to end the war of Afghanistan and to extricate themselves from the crisis they are grappling with.
To end, we pray that may the Almighty Allah accept in His Sight the fast of the month of Ramadan, the worship, obedience and Jihad of the Afghans and the Islamic Ummah. We hope, the Almighty may favor us all with elation and joy in these days of the auspicious Eid and eliminate problems and sufferings of the Islamic Ummah.