Kavkaz Center presents a new statement from the Amīr of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: “Shamil asked me: ‘When you become Emir, are you going to proclaim the Emirate?'”

The editor of the Kavkaz Center received a message from Emir Dokku Abu Usman, dedicated to the 4th anniversary of the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate.

Ramadan 1428 (October 7, 2007). This date has come down as an important event in the modern history of the peoples of the Caucasus.

25 Ramadan 1428 was also the day of distinction, which revealed sincere Muslims, dedicated to spread Allah’s word, and the hypocrites, who for many years have concealed their duplicity under verbiage about freedom and independence.

In his message Emir Dokku Abu Usman reveals some little known details about the preparation for the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate, which has been declared not spontaneously, as opponents of Sharia tried to claim, but as a result of several years of intense debate.

The decisive factor for the cardinal change of course towards the restoration of historically conditioned single Islamic state of the Muslims of the Caucasus, was the fact that the Islamic Jihad attracted young people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of not ephemeral slogans and goals, but establish laws for the sake of Allah and the conquest of Paradise.


Shamil asked me: “When you become Emir, are you going to proclaim the Emirate?

The name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, Who created us Muslims and favored us with Jihad, giving us a chance to win the Paradise.

Peace and blessings be upon the Leader of all Mujahideen, Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who follow him until the Day of Judgment. And then…

For those who become martyrs in the jihad for the Mujahideen, for the Muslims who experience difficulties, we make Dawat, or appeal, Insha’Allah, or God’s willing. We endeavor and spare no effort and we will persevere to alleviate the burden they experience.

I praise Allah for the developments that are taking place in the Islamic world today. Muslims are waking up, people are going out against the dictators and tyrants. Many of them suffer as victims. Since they have come for the establishment of the Sharia of Allah, they will be rewarded. Those who fell in this fight will go to paradise, Insha’Allah!

But if, following a deposition of one dirty slave of infidels, another one comes to power, be it an Amr Moussa or a Mohamed ElBaradei, the dead can only regret, forgive them God. And those who led these people and made them go under fire, they will not escape punishment on Judgment Day, Insha’Allah.

We make appeal for the death of those who fell for the sake of Allah, that Sharia be established in their countries and that Muslims realize the truth and follow it.

Not once has the Islamic Ummah, or Community, experienced difficulties in their history. And always have these occurred when the Muslims were divided. At the time of the Mongols the first one to fall was Khorezm Shah. Neither the Abbasid Caliphate nor Egypt has offered him assistance.

The Mongols obliterated the caliphate. The Caliph himself was killed. Muslims went panicking. The mullahs and corrupt scholars of the time, like today, conducted their dastardly work. They argued that the Mongols were Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog). No way to fight against them, we should await the arrival of the Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) in prayer that God would respond and destroy both Gog and Magog. Having heard such opinions, many Muslim armies just fled not to engage in battle with the Mongols.

The Mongolian army numbered 100,000 men, and the greatest number of them reached up to 150 000. However, they have killed about 10 million Muslims.

At a difficult time, Egyptian Muslims who remained so few that if they died, the religion of Islam could disappear, according to the will of God exhibited Iman, or faith, resilience and courage. They fought the Mongols, defeated them and saved the religion of Allah.

This fact, I recall especially to our brothers in Egypt that they would not forget their true heroic story, the enemies are trying to distort, and to spread worship of filthy Egyptian pharaohs among the Muslims.

Fitnah, or split, existed in the past, the same way it does today. However, we are continuing Jihad, God’s willing, because it has been entrusted to us by Allah.

And those Muslims who are not following jihad (yes, save us Allah from that), or do not intend to pursue it will die as hypocrites.

Today, we are doing jihad as far as we can and may, if we had more forces, we would do it more. In our jihad the enemies are infidels and apostates. When we put another blow to the disbelievers, hypocrites and apostates respond stronger against us than infidels themselves.

We hit them a blow in Moscow. By Allah’s will the polytheists accurately established identity of our brother who has committed Istishhad, or self-sacrifice (at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport). We had learnt about it even before the video record was sent for publication. Only after the invaders had established the identity of our brother, did we distribute our coverage.

The Russians intensely discussed why we had not published the record earlier, in an effort to ascribe to it some importance. We know the methods of Russian infidels and therefore tried to keep relatives and friends of our brother away from their tyranny. But the enemy will still interpret events his own twisted way.

This year has started well for us, Alhamdulillah, or Praise to God. With patience, we have overcome fitnah also this year. So please, make Dawat for us. Sure, we are also experiencing difficulties. No matter how much do we try to anticipate all the nuances, not everything works.

The enemy does not sleep and also plots against us, trying to respond to our actions. Some of our plans have been thwarted, but God’s willing, all that we can do, we will do, and the result is up to Allah.

Now I would like to refer to the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate. Many things have reached my ears recently. So, I think it will be useful to highlight some points that were not particularly well known.

Allah in His mercy has given us an understanding of what is happening in this world. As we know from the Hadith, all Muslims are like one body. Mutual love, support and brotherhood. And if one part of the body hurts, then the whole body hurts. This hadith tells us to be bound by our unity and to support one other.

Jihad goes all over the world, and the time came for us to settle its details. And if you do not correct them, the question is about your Aqida, or creed. And then, when this question arose, we proclaimed the Emirate.

We must pay attention as with whom keep contacts the hypocrites who spread lies about the Emirate. Let me quote a hadith which says that on the Judgment Day, each of us will be raised with those whom he loves in this world.

The Humpty-Dumpty Kadyrov said: “I respect Mr. Putin, I like Mr. Putin”. Hence, on the Day of Judgment he will be resurrected along with Putin, Insha’Allah.

Another one is doing time with Berezovsky. We must remember that neither Berezovsky nor anyone else in Moscow could earn money, if he hadn’t been under the umbrella of the KGB, could not and can spend his earnings without permission awarded by “the office”. We also know that the KGB, the FSB and the related people never retire. They can only change the scope of their activities up to the need of their organization. Berezovsky’s money is a fund of the KGB, which is replenished at the expense of its business in Russia.

Zakayev, who also draws from the fund, teaches children and provides for his family, on the Day of Judgment also will join those whom he loved in this world, God’s willing.

Therefore, anything those people said or spoken or will say about the Emirate – is a lie There isn’t but one gram of truth in their words.

I joined jihad to raise Allah’s word, God’s willing, to perform the fard, or obligatory, because I love God, love His religion, like the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Just come with me and my brothers in Islam, Insha’Allah.

Aslan Maskhadov, subject to the global geopolitical configuration, for political reasons, in an effort to give people a break and a rest to gather strengths, played by their rules, to confront those who firmly insisted on moving to the position of Islam.

In keeping with this position and policy, he nurtured hope that the West would indeed accomplish its declarations in expectation of some sort of justice from them.

I dealt with him a lot. Aslan in his heart knew the price of all these western leaders. I can testify it that he was a genuine Muslim brother and he loved Islam.

So in 2002, Aslan chose Abdul-Khalim his naib, or deputy. And in the event of Abdul-Khalim’s death, the function would devolve to Abu-Usman (Dokku Umarov).

Why did Aslan choose me, why did he establish that chain? Because my views have not been firmly fixed yet, although I knew the price of the infidels. Aslan knew my relationship with Zakayev and therefore he hoped that, via those channels, the options would remain open to reach out for a sort of Western intermediation in order to ease the situation of the people. For this reason I was chosen naib to Abdul-Khalim.

In fact misunderstanding prevailed among the people. In 2002, Arsanov, Khamzat Gelayev, and Abdul-Malik Mezhidov refused to swear Bayat, or an oath of obedience, to Aslan Maskhadov.

We met with them. We asked them to state the motivation to refuse Bayat, and their first argument was that they were supposedly called FSB agents, insulted, and so on …

The meeting was attended by Shamil and a number of other commanders. We asked them, whether Maskhadov told them to retreat from religion? The answer went: “No”. We then asked, whether he said not to do jihad? Again the answer was negative.

Shamil told them that most of those present did not like Maskhadov. However, he was not going to dismantle their relationship with Aslan, at the time of open jihad, because it would be a crime.

“When jihad is over, if need be, I will refer the case to the Sharia Court and there’ll deal with it,” Shamil said.

Shamil insisted that they should declare Bayat to Aslan. With this the “negotiation process” came to an end.

On the second day they put forward new arguments. They claimed that this was not jihad as war was waged against a wrong doctrine or dogma (Aqida).

The main speaker was Khamzat Gelayev, who said that we were fighting for the republic, for Ichkeria, not for the Sharia, and not for an Islamic state.

At that time I specifically did not explore such issues, did not examine them. So I listened to them as the Emir of the south-western front, a member of the Majlis. It occurred to me as very important.

Shamil this way managed to persuade them. He said that this was jihad, that just it was difficult to change all overnight, and that it required effort. He said that in 2002 in Duba-Yurt Aslan had already been proposed to take the decisive plunge.

But the decision was postponed on the issue, for fear that many would drop out, dissent from the religion to join the ranks of hypocrites. Therefore it would appear to undertake the transformation of the state in the Islamic position gradually.

From the today’s perspective this approach is now obviously erroneous. If we had then decided to proclaim an Islamic state, it would have revealed more fitnah at that time, and today we may be cleansed, and the situation would look differently now.

After a lengthy discussion, they announced they would swear to Dokku. But why to Dokku? Dokku was only a front Emir. An oath should be taken before Maskhadov. And before Shamil as a military Emir.

After that they swore to Shamil and we dismissed them.

An operation in South Ossetia was scheduled at the time but it did not happen. We will not delve into explaining the reasons that it did not materialize. Leave it to Allah’s decision. The operation failed. After that, Khamzat said that he was leaving. I went after him and caught him up near the Gekhi River.

I asked Khamzat, where he was going . He replied that he was going to Iraq.

I asked:

– How are you going to Iraq, who authorized you to go to Iraq?

He replied that he did not need permission. Khamzat said there was no Islamic foundation in our war.

– You’re fighting for Ichkeria, under the flag of Ichkeria. A true jihad is developing in Iraq, the emirate was declared.

At that time I was very surprised by this. I asked him about his opinion, whether he thought we were not fighting for Allah’s sake, we were merely mercenaries and he was the only one to be an authentic mujahid?

We had a strong argument with Khamzat. Many of those present from among Gelayev’s people have survived to day. Algerian Abu Amr has lost his leg.

We got together and sat down. Along with me came Seif-Islam, Khamzat was accompanied by a number of Ulama, or Muslim scholars and Arabs.

During the discussion, Mansour, who was killed, took my side and said:

– Abu Usman’s right, jihad is going on anyway, even though we speak different languages. In any case, if Maskhadov undertook and promised that one day he would declare the Emirate, we cannot escape this today, deeming those words as a trick.

Mansur was on my side. Khamzat said:

– In that case, I’ll stay with you.

What happened after that, we know well. And let us also leave it to Allah, we are not talking about that.

So I came to the issue of the Emirate. After that I began to think a lot. I have not had time to discuss it with Aslan, to ask him about everything. Aslan was killed, but Allah will reward him with the Shahada, or martyrdom.

Then we met with Shamil. I informed him that Abdul-Khalim appointed me as his naib and he immediately told me he needed to leave forthwith, even though he had arrived only the day before. I tried to dissuade him, but he insisted.

Two days later, Shamil unexpectedly returned. He approached me and gave salam, asked me for forgiveness, and congratulated on assuming this office.

I asked Shamil what was happening?

Shamil told me that he had agreed with Abdul-Khalim that he would declare the Emirate, and would appoint him naib. And after that Shamil organized work so that all in the Caucasus swore Bayat to Abdul-Khalim.

Shamil described the situation and the sentiment prevailing among Mujahideen in other regions of the Caucasus, who do not even want to declare an oath to Abdul-Khalim.

I told Shamil that in this case I would not go into being Emir, and I would reserve for myself a post of a deputy and would be his Mujahid.

Shamil said: – No, what has been done, keep it fixed.

He told me that he had met with Abdul-Khalim and had agreed all with him.

Abdul-Khalim told Shamil that he fulfilled the will of Maskhadov that he could not leave unfulfilled.

Abdul-Khalim promised to declare the Emirate, and accomplish the transformation of the state.

Next there happened the operation in Kabardino-Balkaria (Nalchik). Shamil came back from that place. We met with him and while they were sitting, discussing the situation, Shamil explained that with a great difficulty he managed to persuade Seyfullah, the Emir of Kabardino-Balkaria and his Mujahideen to swear an oath to Abdul-Khalim.

So it also happened with Dagestan. Emir Maksharip and his Mujahideen told Shamil that the situation could not be tolerated any longer and that we need change.

I asked Shamil about the changes he meant.

Shamil said:

– Emirate. When Maskhadov and Abu Umar, Abu Walid were in office, we all agreed to proclaim the Emirate, completely remove all false (tagut), remove all secular laws, fully declare Sharia. There was such an agreement. But this contract is not fulfilled and the Mujahideen are worry about this situation.

I admitted not fully understanding his opinions, but I declared I knew one thing, I confided and trusted Abdul-Khalim, and things which were necessary for Islam, he would do better than both of us and in this I had no doubt.

I even told Shamil that if he spoilt relations with Abdul-Khalim, my relationship with him would sour with discord.

This was eating me up greatly and I sent a tape to Abdul Khalim along with a question. He returned me a response tape.

At that time we were together with Shamil.

Abdul Khalim said on the tape, addressing me:

– Abu Usman, they are right and our brother Abu-Idris (Shamil) is also right, but today we have no power and we need at least a little respite. We would then restock weapons and all other necessities, people would do Dawat, we would invigorate their spirits then. I am now in the course of a negotiation process about religion with Khalimov and Zakayev (I remember very well that he mentioned both of those names). Until the outcome of the talks has not been clear, ask him to wait for Abu-Idris. If this fails, then we will introduce corrections, transform the state and proclaim the Emirate.

Shamil and I both listened to the Abdul-Khalim’s tape and I may bear witness to this. When it came to discussing the topics of the negotiation process, Shamil jumped up, although he was not wearing a prosthesis, and snapped.

– Ahhh, this one is also prepared to die, to be killed, there is no doubt.

Shamil then turned to me and asked:

– When you become Emir, are you going to proclaim the Emirate?

I replied:

– It is you that will be Emir, and you will take my oath.

Shamil answered:

– This thing is out of the question, it does not absolutely matter who of us will become the Emir, you or I, we must work together.

I said:

– There is no doubt if you will be standing by my side, and this is a right thing, if this path pleases God, then we will proclaim it this way.

Shamil said:

– I will forward you a man, our brother, who is now in Nalchik, it will help you with training.

Abdul-Khalim was killed a short time after that discussion. I became the Emir, and then almost immediately and the death came also to Shamil (may Allah reward our brothers with the Shahada).

We must remember our position in the wake of all those developments. What is the situation like in Chechnya, how much weapon have we got left, how many people stay with us, how are things getting on?

I may solemnly affirm and may repeat it under an oath that there weren’t even a hundred Mujahideen on the south-western front.

And when I got the papers and documents left by Shamil, among them there were all the official seals of the Caucasus Emirate, the Supreme Emir of the Caucasus and the Military Emir of the Caucasus. All of them were prepared by Shamil himself.

The papers were all filled in, completed and ready. We have edited them, supplemented with the hadiths, and I proclaimed Emirate.

Why have I done that? At the time Emir Seyfullah sent cassette from Nalchik. He registered a message for me:

– Brother, we agreed with our brother Abu-Idris (Shamil), that this year, when it arrives, to proclaim the Emirate. Abu-Idris agreed with our brother, Abdul-Khalim, and today you do not follow this agreement, and the question pertains already to the accuracy of your religious doctrine. If you do not proclaim the Emirate, I will be compelled to proclaim it myself, and to urge the brothers fighting in the Caucasus to swear their obedience to me.

Were it all to happen, it would constitute a regular division. In any case, I know that Dagestanis and Ingushs would proclaim obedience to Seyfullah, and we would stay out.

Already it was clear that people would not follow us, our numbers would not be replenished under the flag of Ichkeria, because the country has slid into a kind of a private farm to feed and support Zakayev and others who are residing abroad. Others who serve under the fancy-schmantzy puppet may marry him one day.

We can see those who sponge on the country, both the parasites who live at home and those who settled abroad. In this position, the youth, who have never heard of Ichkeria, gather under its national flag and they do not feel like continuing jihad. I have seen it myself.

The situation has changed. Those who came to avenge their killed fathers, brothers, sisters, daydreamers, intending to show off their boldness, we do not need. We need only those who act out with the pure intention for the sake of Allah, His religion and with a zealous ardor for the right Aqida, in order to make the order of Allah come true, loving His Messenger (pbuh), those who love Paradise. Only these young people, only those people we can call for Jihad, Allahu Akbar!

Therefore we proclaim the Emirate prompted to do so by the time itself and a new generation of Islamic youth.

Alhamdulillah, not only do I not regret it, but I’m proud of that decision.

Alhamdulillah, today we are witnesses to how God distributes barakah, or blessing, from this decision. We see Jihad and the religion of Allah expand and gain strength, Insha’Allah, and yet there will be more consequences to it, there is no doubt.

Today, none of us knows where and when he will happen to part with his life. Alhamdulillah, I am ready to die any moment, calm and not worry about it. I am ready to die anywhere, even behind the wheel of “Kamaz” truck loaded with explosives.

Next to me are outstandingly noble Mujahideen, with good Iman. They work honestly, sincerely, I think that we are purified.

It has took 4 years since we declared the Emirate – 25 Ramadan 1428. Allah willing, we declared it during Ramadan. So for us it’s a double event.

I wish to congratulate all Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan, let me extend sincere congratulations on Eid ul-Fitr and remind all Muslims that the Mujahideen, who sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah deserve your support. And you have a duty to Allah to help the warriors for God and about that you will be asked on Judgment Day, and we will testify for you or against you.

I remind the Muslims of the piety and responsibility, that they realize the importance of reviewing and settling their issues at heart before the day comes of the true judgment and settlement.

And so help God all His sincere slaves on His straight path.

Allahu Akbar!

Emir of Caucasus Emirate

Dokku Abu Usman

Kavkaz Center


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