New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Martyrdom of Demonstrators in Takhār”

On 18 May, tens of defenseless civilians were martyred by the enemy in Takhar province in the north of the country, as a part of the drive launched by the internal and external enemies all over the country to kill, maim and torture the miserable Afghans. The invading forces martyred 4 innocent countrymen including two women during a raid in Gaw Mili neighborhood, in vicinity of Talugan, the provincial center on May 18.

As a reaction to the incident, the brave people of Takhar took to the streets in Taluqan city to express their anger and wrath, demanding that their grievances must be addressed. It is to be said with great sorrow that the internal and external enemies of the Afghan believing people turned this indigenous popular agitation into a tragedy. According to a recent report from the Taluqan city, more than 25 demonstrators have lost their lives during the brutal firing of the foreign troops and the local hirlings while 100 of them have been wounded. It is ot be said that this incident is occurring in a time that many self-same incidents have taken place in the current month of May as follows:

  1. A few days ago, the enemy martyred civilians in Hissarak, Nanagarhar province and following that, they mercilessly quashed the common Afghans who had staged demonstrations to protest against the incident.
  2. The invading troops martyred 5 civilians in Saidano village near Tarinkut, the provincial center of Oruzgan on May 18 during a raid on the civilian’s houses and detained 14 persons.
  3. The invading forces opened fire on a group of children in Ghazi Abad district of Kunar province on May 16, martyring a child and injuring 3 others. The officials of the puppet Administration have also confirmed the killing and injury of the children during the said incident.
  4. On May 16, the invaders bombed civilian’s houses in Abdur Rahim village, Andar region of Ghazni province, martyring 3 civilians and injuring 5 others.
  5. 5. They raided civilians’ houses in Lajgar village, Hissarak district, Ningarhar province, on May 14 to search their houses. When they found nothing during the house search,  they opened fire on a ten years old boy , Bilal son of Awal Gul who was fast asleep at the time, martyring him on the spot.
  6. On May 6, the invaders dragged  a well-known spiritual personality, Sayed Gul Jan Afghan, out of his worship chamber in Rabat Sangi district of Herat province, martyring him forthwith. He has thousands of disciples and followers.
  7. They martyred a tribal chief during a house raid in Omarzi village , Sang Atash district, Badghis province and detained two other tribal chiefs.
  8. On May 1, the invaders martyred 2 children and 3 women in Fandi area of Baraki Barak district, Logar province by       targeting them with rounds of mortars.

While condemning all the past crimes of the enemy, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in the same terms, strongly condemns the acts of the foreign troops and soldiers of the Kabul Puppet Regime for their opening fire on defenseless people in Taluqan. The Islamic Emirate considers this an a horrendous act and unforgivable crime against humanity. The internal and foreign enemies of the people of Afghanistan must understand that such brutal acts will give a new impetus to the uprising instead of weakening the spirit of independence among the masses and will lift the curtain from their faces which are hidden under the spurious ( slogans) of philanthropy.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, through this statement, calls on the people of Germany to prevent their government and the invading troops involved in the incident in Taluqan from killing innocent Afghans and committing genocide. Similarly, the human-loving nations of the world should end their acquiescence because of their  vested interests when it comes to the daily crimes that are perpetrated against the Afghan people by the invaders. Rather they should not let the invaders play with the life of innocent people.

The human rights organizations of the world should not harm their credibility at the hands of NATO invading forces by turning a blind eye to these atrocious activities. They should courageously expose the atrocities of the tyrants and should not opt to publish biased reports and figures as they did in the past—and thus embolden the invading forces in their brutal acts. Similarly, we call on independent and neutral media outlets, not to remain silent about these brutal carnages. Meanwhile, we are grateful to media outlets that raised the voice of the oppressed people regarding the yesrtday’s incident .

To end, we pray to the Almighty Allah to bestow patience, resolve and better substitute on the families of all those who have been martyred by the invaders throughout the country, particularly, the families of the victims of Taluqan incident. May Allah, the Almighty accept in His Sight the martyrdom of the martyrs and favor the injured with a speedy recovery.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan