New analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Badr Operations Precursor of Establishment of Islamic Regime in a Vast Part of the Country”

A Danish Daily, Information, in its recent report, has leaked some secret documents, indicating that the invading troops under the tutelage of America have, once more, resorted to the use of banned weapons in Afghanistan in the shape of white phosphorous, bombs and missiles. The sources maintain that despite the fact that the use of the afore-mentioned weapons is a crime on the basis of the international laws and principles , but notwithstanding that, the US-led invading forces have been using them time and again which have led to slaughter of numerous Afghan civilians. The Danish daily has revealed that American troops have used 20-50 white phosphorous missiles and bombs for the destruction of a single target. The prohibited weapons have been used in areas where the Danish troops are stationing.

Peter Vedel Kessing, a high-ranking official of the Danish Human Right Organization says such heinous actions are a clear brutality and violation against humanity. Ole Hoff Lund, the spokesperson of the Amnesty International told media that white phosphorous is a banned weapon which causes mass murder and tragedies and burns human body as soon as it comes in contact with the human flesh. He says, the users of these weapons must be punished and legally prosecuted.

The Americans and their invading Allies have been experimenting every kind of weapons and stratagems against the miserable Afghans for the last decade—any mean that they think may prove effective in the collective murder of the Afghans. Similarly, the American forces have used depleted uranium in Afghanistan, in addition to the phosphorous bombs. The lethal signs of these weapons can be seen in different parts of Afghanistan, like Agam in Nangar province, Bala Blouck, Fara province, Kandahar, Zabul Maidan Wardack, Kapissa and some parts of Kunar province.

The brutalities of the Americans invaders are not limited to the use of banned weapons only. On the one hand, they rain down heavy bombs on the Afghans; use the prohibited weapons against them; send the Afghans to the Bagram jail and other cells of the Black Water where they are tortured; target the miserable Afghans by firing   rounds from tanks and guns– even their tanks and armored vehicles run over vehicles of the common Afghans on main roads, but on the other hand, they have sent Killing Teams to Afghanistan to hunt people. They target common Afghans for sport and pleasure. As a hunter kills a game, they do so by killing the common Afghans. Thus they quench their thirst (for human blood).

Some Americans sources have disclosed documents that reveal how an American Killing Team killed an adolescent Afghan in the south of the country and took some parts of his body as souvenir. A few days ago, the crime-addicted American troops killed four children in Kunar and Nangarhar province, presumably, on the line of the Killing Team, a method which the Americans have unremittingly been perpetrating in Afghanistan. They shoot   lives scenes and take the film to America and the West to show it to their religious and political leaders, boasting how they mercilessly killed a religiously-committed people and desecrated their dead bodies. But the Americans should know the Badre Operations have made a deep dent into the ranks of the Americans troops, taking a toll of 200 lives and injures only in one month.

The Mujahideen made their way into the fortified jail of Kandahar and yet following that, in another audacious act, entered the Kandahar city victoriously like heroes. This was in circumstances that thousands of American and foreign troops are stationing there in addition to various military contingents and units of the puppet Afghans troops sprawling the city.

At first, the Mujahideen took positions in sensitive and strategic points at the State installations, making short work of the invaders and their hirelings. We believe, the Mujahideen will, in the same vein, keep up their momentum to surround the invaders and their puppets in certain cities and provinces and expectedly, a vast part of the Afghan soil will see the light of the establishment of an Islamic regime. Surely, the Afghans, If God willing, will force the Americans to pay the price of their brutalities and crimes which they have been arrogantly and tyrannically carrying out in the past decade.