ImāmTV presents a new video message from Wilāyah Dagestan of the Caucasus Emirate: "Mujāhidīn Special Operation"

NOTE: Via the Kavkaz-Jihād Blog, here a description of the below video:

On March 14, 2011, in Rabbanikala (formerly Kizilyurt), the Mujahideen attacked a lair of apostates (the ‘OVD’ building – police dept. of the city), fired at it and then detonated an explosive device placed in a car, next to it (1). In retaliation, the apostates shot a car with civilians inside, burned their bodies and presented them as ‘militants’. In the video you can see the so-called ‘news’ of the Russian 5th channel (‘5 Kanal’), lying about the ‘interception of the militants, on March 15th, on the Krasnoarmeysk-Shamkhal highway’ and their ‘destruction’, while – in reality – they were safe in their base…
Wilayah Dagestan
March 14, 2011