New statement from Qārī' Yusef Aḥmadī of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Remarks on the Baseless Claim of Presence of Children in the Ranks of Mujāhidīn"

As in the past, the propaganda outfits of the enemy claim now  time and again that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan use children and adolescents in their Jihadic operations. They also claim that there are a great number of children in the ranks of the Mujahideen. We would like to make it clear for all that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has strictly banned participation of adolescents in Jihadic operations as per its policy. The 12th article of the Book of Conduct of Mujahideen, gives Mujahideen the following guidance in this regard:
“Article 29: The teenagers (boys with no beards) are legally banned to stay in hostels and military centers with Mujahideen.”
Abiding by the instructions of the Books of Conduct in their dispensation of Jihadic activities, the Mujahideen have strictly seen to the implementation of the articles of the Book of Conduct of Mujahideen, by not allowing youngsters to join their ranks. Despite these realities, if the enemy is still bent on circulating futile claims or some propaganda outfits continue harping on the same issue, then it can be said, it is only their propaganda stunt. It is a matter of irony that nothing is said about the Kabul Puppet Regime regarding this issue while almost half of their security personnel comprise of adolescents. According to an estimate, 45% of police, public security units and private security companies personnel consist of either children or adolescents. These children have joined the ranks of the enemy on the enemy’s luring, taking advantage of their ignorance and lack of knowledge. They have never joined the ranks out of any rationale motive.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on human rights organizations to pay attention to this issue and prevent the enemy from using the adolescents of the Afghan nation for furthering their unlawful goals.

Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan