New statement from Zabīhullah Mujāhid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding Staffan de Mistura’s Comments"

The UN chief in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, in response to the declaration of the Spring Offensive by Islamic Emirate, issued a statement yesterday in which he urged all parties involved in the conflict to restrain from causing any harm to civilians in their operations. I, as a representative of Islamic Emirate, back every move which protects the lives and property of civilians and would like to once again make clear the stance of Islamic Emirate regarding this issue:
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always pressed its Mujahideen to take every possible measure in their operations so to avoid causing any harm or casualties to civilians and has repeatedly pointed to this very important issue. We made our position clear on this matter in the fourth guideline of the statement issued yesterday about our Spring Offensive in the entire country, which is as follows:
(4. Strict attention must be paid to the protection and safety of civilians during the spring operations by working out a meticulous military plan. Utilizing all proven military tactics, the operations will focus on usage of advanced weapons against the air and ground forces of the invaders, tip-and-run attacks, and group offensives, city attacks, advanced explosives attacks, effective group and martyrdom seeking attacks by warrior Mujahideen.)
The above standard is a part of our war tactic in which strong importance has been given to the protection of civilian lives. On the other hand we urge Mr. Mistura to gravely advocate to all foreign invaders in our country to refrain from attacking civilians, their national and Islamic values and from night raids, which always result in death and injury to women, children and innocent citizens. This point should be sternly pressed to block their way of deliberate targeting and harassment of civilians so that the crimes of the NATO forces is not concealed or pardoned in your future statements while wrongly leveling the blame on Mujahideen. Such propaganda and biased reporting only encourages the invading forces to increase their transgressions which in turn damages the image of UN.

The Spokesman of Islamic Emirate

Zabihullah Mujahid