New analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Humiliating Efforts on the Part of the Master and the Slave"

Last week, during a press conference, the Head of the Kabul Puppet Administration, Karzai, said that he would hand over the task of endorsement of a strategic partnership agreement with America, to a grand assembly (Loya Jirga) to be convened within the next two
months. It is not clear what will be the content of the agreement which is going to be signed between America and the stooge administration but it can be drawn from the assertions being made by the officials of the Kabul Puppet Regime that establishment of the permanent bases is among the main objectives of the document. It is also clear from the recent remarks of Karzai that America and the Kabul Puppet Administration have reached key understanding as regards this wicked document—an agreement which contravene the religious and national valor of the Afghan Muslim and heroic people.
In order to give the document a legal and misleading clout, though ostensibly, both the master and the salve are engaged in efforts to throw dust into the eyes of the Afghans and trample down on national and Afghan values and utilize them for the interests of America. As far as the decisive determination and posturing of the Afghan masses are concerned, they are not ready to accept establishment of  the bases whatsoever. Contrarily, the Afghans of all ethnicities whether they are hailing from the south, north, east or west of the country, all are ready and fused into one at the current spring to bring down both the American invaders, their allies and puppets to knees. They are intending to clear the Afghan pure soil from the traces of the invaders and believe, the invaders and their puppets will be routed by the end of the current year. ( if God willing).
The victorious Jihadic operations, carried out in all parts of the country in the current month of the solar year which resulted in the murder and injury of at least two hundred foreign invaders and destruction of a dozens of military vehicles, tanks and ranger pick-ups and the assassination of some notorious Afghan commanders being ardent loyal of the Americans and considered as their key slaves, as result of martyrdom seeking attacks, are clear indications of the strong determination of the Afghan people. They are harbingers of imminent triumphs and victories in the current year.
We call on all pseudo-Afghan figures which may be invited by the Americans to participate in the phony Jirga to endorse the agreement of the permanent bases—those who will   be used as a apparent clout– that they should ponder over this issue in the mirror of their Afghan conscience, that even for a day, compromise on the presence of Americans in Afghanistan is tantamount to slaughtering the national independence and religious values. They should reject participation in the American-led Jirgah and arbitration. Thus they will oppose the American plot with an Afghan characteristic of bravery, a plot which will certainly bring in constant tragedies and shameful consequences for the Afghan people. By doing so, they will fulfill their historical, Islamic and national obligation. Otherwise, they will bear a black stigma on their faces before the Afghan people, history and religious injunctions and will never be able to efface it.