Part 1 from the New Biography Series 'Flags of the Media': "Biography of the Martyr: Abū Qandahār al-Zarqāwī (Haytham bin Muḥammad al-Khayāṭ)"

NOTE: Abū Qandahār al-Zarqāwī (Haytham bin Muḥammad al-Khayāṭ) a Jordanian global jihādī who is another example of an online jihādī joining the battlefield and “martyring” oneself. Zarqāwī died this past December joining the infamous Abū Dujānah al-Khurāsānī (Humām al-Balawī), who conducted the CIA Khost attack and is viewed as the model for online jihādīs turned battlefield “martyr.” As-Saḥāb Media also released a new video series that featured al-Zarqāwī: “A Mujāhid’s Diary #1.” For more on Zarqāwī and his death in English see here.
It appears that the global jihadis are really pushing the keyboard to the battlefield idea. This should be somewhat disconcerting for those who are interested in security. Do not be surprised if one continues to hear about more and more online jihādīs trying to join a theater of war or conduct a solo attack in the West.

Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Part 1 from the New Biography Series ‘Flags of the Media’- “Biography of the Martyr- Abū Qandahār al-Zarqāwī (Haytham bin Muḥammad al-Khayāṭ)”