New Analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "A Strategic Agreement or a Shameful Deal on the Independence of a Free People"

Once again reports have appeared in the media, following the previous rumors that the Kabul regime is going to sign Afghanistan’s strategic agreement with America. Karzai, Head of the Kabul Puppet Regime disclosed this in his recent assertions that he would convene a Loya Jirgah ( a grand tribal council) to endorse a long-term partnership with America, apparently in an effort to give legality to the agreement.
In fact, Karzai’s utterance is a repeat of the remarks of American rulers who sometimes ago said that they wanted establishment of permanent bases in Afghanistan. However, Karzai being aware of the mentality of the Afghan people,  wants to sell it (the idea of establishment of permanent bases) to the Afghans under a relatively misleading title of Strategic Partnership.

We believe, the Americans want to have the Jirgah convened by their puppets to approve the strategic agreement, since they have already failed in their endeavor to maintain occupation of Afghanistan. Thus, the Americans are trying to pave the way for their long-term presence, establishment of permanent (military) garrisons and maintenance of the occupation of the country. Therefore, we can say the newly-started hot discussion is no more than shackles aimed at depriving the believing Afghan people of independence and Afghanistan of its valor and pride and ultimately, aimed at subjugating the Afghans. Every effort must be made to comprehend this and prevent it from being implemented.
Certainly, occupation of a country or a given people and, for that matter, unlawful presence of troops on a soil, be it for a short period, has no justification whatsoever, under any human law. Therefore, the same naturally applies to a deal, trading on the independence of a people for a long period or in that context, usurping a land is never acceptable.
We believe this is not only a disservice to the Afghan people but also not tolerable at regional and world’s level. We would like to remind the Afghan people as regards this conspiracy to understand the sensitivity and dept of the matter. The Americans have a plan up their sleeves, intending to include our Muslim people and the proud country in the list of their banana republics and colonies. On the one hand, this is a mockery against our Islamic tenets and national values. On the other hand, it will leave, in the long term, a destructive impact on all aspects including the political, religious, cultural and other facets of the country. The Afghan people should stand firmly and bravely against the endorsement of the strategic agreement by the Jirgah. They ought to realize the planners, campaigners, participants and helpers of the Jirgah as historical traitors of the sacred religion and country and should fulfill their religious and national obligation in this regard.
All the countries of the world and the region better understand the meaning of freedom and slavery. They should thwart this hatch-up treason which is now in the making against the Afghan people. No law, whether a Divine or human, allows them to remain a mere spectators while this shameful deal morphs into its climax.
The occupation of Afghanistan and the presence of American permanent bases here will have its direct (negative) effect on the regional stability and the equilibrium of the situation.
We all know, Afghanistan is not the only target of the Americans but they want to use this country as a springboard, intending to extend their colonial tentacles at the region after securing their feet in Afghanistan. Thenceforth, they would pose threats to their regional rivals. Similarly, governments of the Islamic World, universal organizations and the UNO should not remain silent as regards this issue. They should not allow the Americans conspiracy about the permanent occupation of Afghanistan, a free country, take shape.
The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns this new plot, hatched and worked out by the enemy. The Islamic Emirate reminds the rulers of the Kabul Puppet Regime that you will never be able to change the fate of independence of the proud nation by launching these efforts. You should know that, aforetime, the British puppets and the communist surrogates of the former Soviet Union did plunge into these endeavors but yielded nothing except humiliation and historical stigma. (This time too) the nation and history will write you down as national traitors.