New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding Civilian Casualties and Losses at the Hand of the Enemy"

Recently, a new increase has been noticed in civilian’s casualties at the hands of the invaders and their surrogates in different regions of Afghanistan, occurred as a result of blind bombardment, night raids, pointblank firing and other various attacks and brutalities. A great number of civilian Afghans fall prey to these atrocities on day to day basis.
From the beginning of the current year, Americans have martyred and wounded a great number of innocent Afghans in Helmand, Kahdahar, Kunduz, Kunar, Laghman, Khust provinces and other areas of the country during operations and attacks. On 18 February last, Americans martyred more than 100 civilians , many of them children, in Ghazi Abad , Kunar province as a result of a brutal bombardment. A few days after the event, the Americans repeated the crime in Manugai district of the province by killing nine innocent children. Similarly, Americans nights raids and bombardment have been continuing in most parts of south, east-south and far-flung eastern regions of the country, causing high civilian casualties every day. Unfortunately, even 10% of the casualties are not reported in the media. Below, we are going to mention some of the casualties that have been reported in the media:
On January 2, during American aerial bombardment in Shal area of Asmar district, Kunar province, two children including a women were martyred while on January 8, three civilians martyred in Tary area, Manugai district, Kunar province as a result of bombardment. On January 16, four civilians lost their lives during aerial bombardment in Juzareen village, Tangai Dara, Sayed Abad district, Maidan Wardack province. Similarly, on 24 January, in Pulle Alam area of Logar province; two of our common countrymen were martyred in a mountain when they were busy extracting construction stones.
On February 4, the invaders martyred two civilians in Lalpura district, Nangarhar province and on 6 February, four civilians were martyred in Khakraze district, Kahdahar province. On February 8 , in Gerishk district, Helmand province, four civilians were martyred while on 9 February, two commoners fell victim in Andar district, Ghazni province. on February 9 , six common Afghans were martyred in Musa Kala district, Helmand province. On February 16, four members of a family including the father Haji Abdul Khaliq and his three sons were martyred in Navi district of Helmand province. On February 21, six civilians were martyred in Khugiani district, Nengarhar province while on 23 February, three common Afghans were martyred in Marja district, Helmand province. On 24 February, five civilians lost their lives at the hand of the enemy in Allah Sai district, Kapisa province.

On March 5, the invaders martyred three civilians in Jaga Kalla village Nader Shah Kut district of Khust province and detained nine other villagers. On March 8, the invaders martyred two commoners in Kharutu village, Charkh district, Logar province. In addition to this, about 52 civilians were killed by the invaders in different villages of Sangin district, Helmand province during night raids and bombardment. On 10 March, they martyred 3 civilians in Sangisar area, Zery district, Kandhar province. On 15 March, two civilians were martyred by the enemy in Chawki district, Kunar province. On March 16 the invaders martyred 15 civilians including women and children in Shaigal district, Kunar province. On 24 March, they martyred 5 common Afghans in Marja, Helmand province. On 27 March, the invaders attacked a passenger’s bus in Nawzad district, Helmand province, martyring 7 passengers and injuring 8 others. On 29 March, they martyred four civilians in Gushtipa district, Jouzjan province.
Recently, as the people took to the streets in different cities of the country, following the burning of the Glorious Quran by an American pastor, the enemy found a (new) chance to avenge themselves on the civilians. The enemy troops, mercilessly and repeatedly opened fire on the defenseless civilians in Mazari Sharif, Kandahar and other cities of the country, martyring and injuring a great number of civilians.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns this criminal act of the internal and external enemies as regards the civilian Afghans and considers it as a despicable act of violation of human rights.
In view of the above –mentioned realities, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on the International Community and on human rights watch entities to feel their responsibilities and fully utilize their potential for the protection of the lives of the civilian Afghans.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to register its protest against the unfair demeanor of the United Nations and the human rights and other organizations which always and solely point their finger to the Mujahideen when it comes to the issue of civilian’s casualties. They should make clear and transparent their stance regarding the genocide now going on at the hands of the enemy and they also should unambiguously condemn these wicked acts
To end, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan extends their deep condolence to all those Afghans who have lost their nears and dears or have been injured during the recent battles and aerial bombardment of the enemy. May Allah, the Almighty accept in His Sight their martyrdom and injuries and may Allah ( SwT) put an end to the dominance of the invaders and the internal enemy over this soil as soon as possible. Amen.
The Leadership
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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