New analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Invaders Must Concede, 1389 was a Year of Mujāhidīn’s Advancement”

1389 (the solar Hijri year) just ended. 1390 has outspread its wings. It is a matter of pleasure that during the past year, Mujahideen taught a good lesson to the invaders at all fronts. Predictably, the invaders will not be able to dare  come out of their military bases openly in the new year, or patrol and walk among people.  Last year, the Mujahideen were able to establish strong centers of Jihad and uprising against the invaders in the north of the country. This was in addition to the resistance already going on in the south.

The negative public opinion tendency against the Islamic Emirate which was a mere brainchild of the puppets of America in the last decade, began unraveling. These devilish ploys faced frustration and disappointment. Instead, people showed  cooperation and coordination with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.  The route in the north which is viewed as  an alternate way for transportation of military hardware of the invaders from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan to Afghanistan via Russia, became unsafe, full of dangers and threats. All  predictions and assessments  of the invaders proved futile and in vain in this regard. Similarly, the Mujahideen compelled the invading American forces to retreat from some important strategic areas of the country. They evacuated their sprawling military bases and concentrated in central barracks of provinces.

On the basis of the reports and figures collected from all parts of the country, the Mujahideen destroyed various tanks, aircrafts, helicopters and military vehicles during the  last year, the numbers of crow who were manning them and resultantly either killed or wounded, reach 10,000 army personnel. The soul and material losses of Mujahideen are comparatively less than that  manifolds, thanks to the help of Allah (SwT). This is because the Mujahideen are now well familiar with the tactics of the aerial bombardments of the enemy. So  the invaders were not able to achieve their targets through bombardment.

Last year, Mujahideen’s offensives were most effective which, consequently, forced NATO and America to fix a date of withdrawal from Afghanistan in a meeting in Lisbon. As a result, they unveiled 2014 as a date for pull-out of  the invading forces. Similarly, Mujahideen proved that people supported them by thwarting the Kabul Administration parliamentary election of the solar year 1389. (2010). The Mujahid people of Afghanistan observed a full boycott on the polling day. Only polling centers in military units and other sensitive places in provinces were open for voting. This constituted only 5% of the total polling stations. Even there, the drama of parliamentary election was tremendously exposed.  They stuffed the boxes with fake votes which resulted in the establishment of special court by the Kabul Administration to investigate the fraudulence.

1389 was a year of vast diabolical conspiracies by the invaders but with the help of the Almighty Allah, the Islamic Emirate came  out of these machinations with flying colors. The formation of the so-called peace council comprising of some hackneyed and money-mongering figures was another ploy launched (by the enemy) to initiate dialogue with Mujahideen and establish contacts. But the Islamic Emirate foiled this plot thanks to its unambiguous and national stance based on the aspirations of the people. The Islamic Emirate proved to the Afghan people and the world that the slogans under the name of reconciliation were misleading and spurious. There are contradictions in their words and acts. In the field of media, the Islamic Emirate had great achievements which are even acknowledged by the enemy. Last but not least, the invaders and their puppets must admit that the achievements of the Islamic Emirate in political, military and social fronts and the popular support enjoyed by the Islamic Emirate in 1389, prove that  last year was a year of advancement for Mujahideen. Contrarily, it contained  days of losses, setbacks and retreats for the invaders.

We hope , the Mujahideen will enhance there presence and writ in the beloved country Afghanistan manifold, in the current solar year 1390 and beat the invaders and their puppets so much that , if God willing, they will not have the capability to either continue the war or confront the people of Afghanistan.