New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Foreign Intervention and Civilian Casualties in Libya"

According to media reports, American and French forces fired more than 100 missiles last night, hitting targets in various places of Libya. They also bombed some areas and threatened to launch more missile and aerial attacks. Reports from areas hit by the invasion, say, many civilians have embraced martyrdom in the attacks.  Similarly, public installations have been destroyed.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemn this politically-motivated and uncalled-for intervention  and adventure of the Western countries in the internal  conflict of  the people of Libya under the auspices of the United Nations. The consequences of such intervention certainly harm this Islamic country and the Islamic Ummah.
In the eye of the Islamic Emirate, it is a matter of pity that the situation in Libya evolved to the extent that paved the way for the anti-Islamic forces to intervene. We believe, the Western colonialists do  not want a solution in this country on the basis of aspirations of the people but rather have plans to weaken this Islamic country in a war of attritions and then occupy  its oil reserves through a direct invasions.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on the people of Libya through this statement to take the initiatives of the situation in their own hands and do not let others to play with their destiny. As a Muslim people, they should know their obligation and fulfill their Islamic and national duty, in order  that the internal and external enemies will not find chance to make them scapegoat for their warmongering policy. Similarly, we remind the Islamic Ummah and the rulers of the Islamic world not to remain neutral in this conflict facing the Libyan people but rather  should play their role in this issue being in line with the interests  of Islam and the believing people of Libya to enable this nation  not only to wriggle free from the current crisis but also save itself from the tentacles of the foreign colonialism in the long-term.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.