As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from 'Aṭīyyatullah Abū 'Abd ar-Raḥman: "Tribute To Our People in Libya"

UPDATE 3/20 10:41 AM: Click here for an English translation of the below audio/video message.

NOTE: It appears that al-Qā’idah is trying to personalize ‘Aṭīyyatullah’s message by releasing this statement with his actual name Shaykh Jamāl Ibrāhīm Ishtīwī al-Miṣrāti showing that he is from Miṣrātah a city in northwest Libya. Miṣrātah is the third largest city in Libya and is currently being occupied by the Libyan regime.
Earlier this week, ‘Aṭīyyatullah also came out with a video titled “Maximizing the Sanctity of Muslim Blood.” And three weeks ago, ‘Aṭīyyatullah also released a booklet titled “The Popular Revolution and the Fall of the Corrupt Arab System.” Here are some other recent al-Qā’idah releases related to Libya: